UK: Black Man Sexually Assaults 7 Women in 3 Weeks After Being Let Out of Prison

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Daily Mail:

For Laura, it should have been a cosy New Year’s Eve on the sofa with her husband.

Ahead of their quiet celebration, the actress popped out to buy a bottle of sparkling wine and some nibbles, wearing jogging bottoms and a warm coat.

But as she headed home just after 7.30pm, she was subjected to a terrifying attack – beaten to the ground and stripped from the waist down. She was saved from rape thanks to the bravery of a security guard working in a nearby building.

‘I dread to think what might have happened. I couldn’t have fought him off for much longer,’ she recalls today. ‘He could have slit my throat or choked me. Or if my head had hit the floor in a different way, I could easily be six feet under now.’

This was the sort of attack by a stranger on a woman that we are told is extremely rare. Indeed, police officers made just that point to Laura to try to reassure her.

Wait, the police tried to comfort her after a black rape attack by telling her it is rare?

Is that normal?

Yet she was one of seven women attacked by the same man during a three-week rampage. Worse, their attacker was a known sex offender who had been released from prison days earlier and was able to attack women despite being subject to a supervision order.

Today, Laura is fearful, disillusioned and, unsurprisingly, deeply disturbed that the authorities could have let this happen.

Her case raises serious questions about how violent offenders are rehabilitated, the effectiveness of the Ministry of Justice and, more importantly, women’s safety on our streets.

Yet The Mail on Sunday can reveal that she was one of seven women assaulted by the same man. Laura’s attacker, 24-year-old Joshua Cambell Victorin, had been jailed for 12 months for sexual assault and GBH, but was let out after serving half the sentence, only to breach his bail conditions and be recalled to prison.

But The Mail on Sunday has established that he was released in December and subject to six months of post-sentence supervision, which requires convicted criminals to behave well and keep in touch with a supervising officer.

Laura said: ‘I am utterly dismayed to learn from The Mail on Sunday that this was a known sexual predator who should have been supervised.

The idea that he only had to serve 12 months for sexual assault and GBH charges is incredible anyway, but to know that he wasted no time in attacking women when he was released is shocking. He was obviously in a race against the clock to target as many women as possible until he was caught again.’



It’s like the mini game in Yakuza 7 where you collect cans using a bicycle rickshaw.

Race against the clock!

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