UK: Black Lives Matter Vandalizes Churchill Statue, Brands Him a Racist

White people cannot have white heroes, because whites are always mean towards blacks and having white heroes is the same as promoting slavery.

Churchill fought against the racism of Nazis, but he did so for the wrong reasons.

He didn’t do it for black people.

Everything that white people do must be in the name of the black race, or it is simply a useless gesture.

Daily Mail:

The Black Lives Matter protester who ‘tagged’ the statue of Winston Churchill said he did it because Britain’s greatest Prime Minister was a ‘confirmed racist’ who cared more about colonialism than black people.

The masked young man, who is being searched for by the Metropolitan Police today for the vandalism in Parliament Square, claimed that Mr Churchill only fought the Nazis to protect the empire – not for ‘people of colour’.

Using black spray paint yesterday he daubed the phrase ‘was racist’ below the wartime leader’s name, leaving the monument reading: ‘Churchill was a racist’. A ‘f*** your agenda was also added.

After leaving Parliament Square last night he spoke to a BBC reporter and said: ‘I tagged up the statue of Churchill because he’s a confirmed racist. He fought the Nazis to protect the Commonwealth from invasion – he didn’t do it for black people or for people of colour or for people of anything. He did it sheerly for colonialism. People will be angry – but I’m angry that for many years we have been oppressed‘.

He added; You can’t enslave people, have the largest colonial empire in history and be like ‘Yeah let’s be peaceful – let’s talk’. It don’t work like that. We’re p***ed off. F**k that‘. He also said that people from BAME backgrounds who fought in the Second World War are not properly recognised for their sacrifices.

Critics have flagged the Twitter video to the Met Police to help their investigation – but his supporters have urged the BBC reporter to delete it in case it led detectives to him accusing him of putting the graffiti artist ‘at risk’.

Yeah, it don’t work like that.

It doesn’t matter how much you love diversity, it doesn’t matter how tolerant you think you are, and it doesn’t matter how many good things you think you did that benefited the blacks.

It doesn’t work like that.

You have to suffer, because you made blacks suffer all those years that you oppressed them.

All those years that you profited off their lack of freedom, all those years that you sold them and made a fortune for yourself and for your little evil white kids, while the poor blacks’ entire existence revolved around cotton.

They even had to eat cotton. Because you forced them to, for fun, because you are evil.

Also, they tore down another statue. In the United Kingdom. Where they are rioting… because of George Floyd having a heart attack from mixing uppers and downers.

Watch these animals.

That is Edward Colston. They’ve updated his Wikipedia page now to make “SLAVE TRADER” prominent. In fact, he was just a normal businessman and merchant who might have dabbled in the slave trade.

I mean, he’s not WINSTON CHURCHILL. But hey – whatever. He’s a human being who became a statue.

Whoever he was, this behavior is absolutely savage and these people engaging in it deserve to be taken out in a field and shot.

We have a civilization that took thousands of years to build. These people think they can just roll up and take a shit all over it, and our overlords are allowing them to do it.

There is no law now.

I really just can’t even.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.