UK: Black Jailed for Fracturing White Policeman’s Skull in Hit-and-Run Crash

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2020

Tekle Lennox and Chris Burnham

The officer deserved the fracture for trying to apprehend the black.

You only apprehend someone if you think he’s committed a crime – and what kind of racist would ever think a black committed a crime?


A hit-and-run driver who left a police officer with a fractured skull has been jailed for seven years.

PC Chris Burnham, 48, spent a week in an induced coma after suffering head injuries in Coventry on 25 September.

Tekle Lennox, 37, admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent to resist arrest.

At Warwick Crown Court, Judge Peter Cooke ordered Lennox to serve a five-year driving ban following his release from prison.

Lennox, of no fixed address, was already serving a three-year driving ban at the time of the crash in Holbrook Lane.

Lennox’s Mini was filmed by a passing motorist’s dashcam as it struck PC Burnham, knocked him on to its windscreen and carried him on the bonnet for almost three seconds, before throwing him into the road.

The court heard PC Burnham was attempting to apprehend Lennox after he failed to pull over.

Lennox had only a third of a second to react, the court heard, after PC Burnham emerged on foot from behind a van – but he then failed to brake and later increased his speed.

Passing sentence Judge Cooke accepted no driver would have had sufficient time to avoid the collision.

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