UK: Black Female Lawyer Repeatedly Mistaken as a Defendant in Court Demands Someone Do Something

The bitch is a race activist.

These blacks whine about the nature of reality nonstop.

Of course if someone sees a black female in a British court, they’re going to assume she’s a defendant – because that’s what 9,999 of every 10,000 black females in a British court are.

If the bitch wants to change that, she needs to tell other black people to stop committing so many crimes.

The Guardian:

The barrister who was mistaken for a defendant three times in one day at court has called for compulsory anti-racism training at every level of the UK legal system.

Alexandra Wilson, who specialises in criminal and family cases, put in a complaint on Wednesday and spoke of her frustration about the incident on Twitter. Her tweets, which quickly went viral, resulted in an apology by the head of the courts service in England and Wales.

Since tweeting about what happened to her, Wilson said she has been flooded by responses from other black and minority ethnic lawyers who have had similar experiences. She added the frequent occurrence of such incidents points to the failure of current training in the legal system that only focuses on unconscious bias or diversity.

In the past 24 hours, she said three black QCs had got in touch with her to say they had had similar experiences. “Something needs to change because how can it be that people who are sitting as judges are being questioned as to why they’re going into certain parts of the building.”

Wilson has called for lawyers and the court system to introduce far more ambitious anti-racism training that actively tackles discrimination in the legal profession.

Wilson said she was initially stopped at the entrance by a security guard who “asked me what my name was so he could ‘find [my] name on the list’ [the list of defendants]”. She thought that might have been an “innocent mistake”.

Then a member of the public told her not to go into a courtroom and to wait for the usher to sign her in for her case. She had to explain again that she was the barrister.

When she was inside the courtroom, a barrister or solicitor told her to wait outside and see the usher. Wilson explained that she was a lawyer.

At one point on Wednesday, Wilson was shouted at and told to leave the court room by the clerk who had asked her if she was represented. She said there needs to be training to ensure respect is shown to black people in the court system – whether they are lawyers or defendants.

“If a barrister is treated like that, you wonder how a defendant’s going to be treated, and whether the defendant is going to be treated fairly. There needs to be more and better training. If there is training already for staff, it’s clearly not going far enough,” Wilson said.

“I don’t think it’s enough any more to say, ‘I don’t have racist views and therefore I’m not racist.’ I think we actually have to be consciously fighting racism.”

Is this really that big of a deal for her?

I mean, I can understand that it would feel bad and maybe hurt her feelings, but that’s kind of just a part of life. If anything, it is kind of funny that she’s mistaken this way, and something that a person with normal adult emotions would be able to laugh off.

But then, we are obligated to ask: why are there black people in the UK?

Okay, well, they’re there as immigrants. Okay. I don’t agree with it, but okay.

But how do people who come to a country as immigrants, and do virtually nothing other than commit crimes, then have the nerve to make all of these demands?

I will admit that I have a soft spot for blacks in America. Despite their behavior, I do still to this day think that if we got the Jews out of race relations, and we put hardcore patriarchal blacks in charge of the black community, we could fix the problems in that community, mostly, and go back to the good relationship we had with the blacks during slavery and Jim Crow.

These blacks are a part of America, and moreover, they don’t have anywhere to go back to.

In Britain, every single black person came from somewhere. They have home countries that they could return to. If they feel that they’re being abused by racism, then they should return to these home countries.

Actually, they should be forced to return to these home countries either way. It is absurd to have black people in Britain.