UK: Black Cop Breaks in And Rapes Mother When She Turns Him Down After a Date

Daily Mail
February 6, 2014

Gray, of Watnall, pictured at court with his ex-wife Alison, denies a charge of rape, attempted rape and another of sexual assault
Trevor Gray at court with his ex-‘wife’ Alison. He denies a charge of rape, attempted rape and another of sexual assault.

A detective sergeant raped a mother in her own home after forcing her front door open when she turned him down following a date, a court heard today.

Trevor Gray, 49, is accused of breaking the security chain before attacking the 43-year-old woman in her bed while her children slept in a nearby room.

A court heard the pair had been out for drinks in Nottingham city centre on a Saturday night in July, 2011 before going back to her house in a taxi in the early hours of the next day.

Gray, who was an off-duty officer with Nottinghamshire Police at the time, left the home when the woman asked him to go and said he was going to try and get a taxi up the road.

The court heard that Gray returned to the house when he couldn’t hail a taxi and forced his way in because he was worried something had happened to her as she wasn’t answering his calls.

But Birmingham Crown Court also heard he sent her a text message saying ‘you are harsh’ before forcing his way back in just minutes later.

Gray said his life had been 'ruined' by the incident
The jury heard Gray was found guilty of the rape at an earlier trial and spent 13 months in prison, but had the conviction quashed by the Court of Appeal who overturned his conviction and ordered a retrial.

A jury of nine men and three women were told the next memory the victim has was of Gray, who was off duty at the time, being naked on top of her in her bed raping her.

The woman told officers she remembered waking up the next day and challenging Gray about the broken door chain and how he had got into her house.

Gray left after the woman called him a taxi and the next day she spoke to her friend, who was also a serving police officer, who reported the matter to her superiors.

When the father-of-two was arrested he admitted he had sex with the victim but claimed he did it after she asked him to, the court heard.

Giving evidence today, Detective Sergeant Justine Wilson told the court that the woman told her she believed Gray had raped her.

She said: ‘They had arranged to go out on Saturday July 23. They met in Nottingham city centre and had gone to several bars together.

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