UK: Black Arrested for Gang Rape of 17-Year-Old Girl

Marcellus Osborne

She wanted to commit bestiality with one negro, not three.


A teenager was gang raped after she was lured to a flat in Birmingham by a man she met on Facebook.

The victim remained silent about the attack for six years until a chance street encounter when she followed and confronted the rapist who then subjected her to a savage attack.

Marcellus Osborne began chatting with the victim in 2010 which resulted in them meeting up.

Shortly afterwards the defendant suggested they go to a party, she agreed, and he and another man picked her up.

They went to a house in Birmingham, the teenager not knowing exactly where she was but believing it was in Aston.

When they arrived it was immediately apparent that there was no party going on and she was taken to a room where there was a third man.

Anthony Warner, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said the men talked amongst themselves, were smoking weed and the victim felt really out of her depth.

She was then told to take off her clothes and was raped by Osborne while the others watched and laughed, the court was told.

The court heard a second man then had sex with her while she was then told to perform a sexual act on the third.

She was then “thrown out” of the room and spent the night in the house crying and lying in a ball.

The victim eventually managed to get out of the property, get a bus into the city centre and then a train back to her home.

Mr Warner said on September 6 2016 the victim was in Birmingham waiting to get on a bus when she saw and recognised Osborne in the queue.

They both got on, she sat behind him and believed he recognised her.

She also tried to enlist the help of the driver asking him to lock the bus with him inside when they got to One Stop Perry Barr.

She then confronted the defendant saying “I know you are Marcie and you raped me when I was 17.”

He responded by pushing her and causing her to fall over, they then both got off the bus and she then followed Osborne staying about six foot behind.

She again challenged him and this time he turned round and launched a violent assault which caused her to lose consciousness and left her with injuries including a fractured eye socket.

Mr Warner said Osborne was then arrested the following day.