UK: Black Accuses Football Association of “Racism” for Not Making Him the English Captain

March 4, 2014

Yeah, because it’s so obvious that football teams would rather lose than hire Blacks. You never see any Blacks in British football.

Sol Campbell has accused the Football Association of racism and claimed that if he had been white he would have captained England for more than 10 years.

The former Arsenal defender claimed the FA wished he had been white as they believed they could not have a black man leading the England team.

In an extract from an authorised biography published in a Sunday newspaper, Campbell said he realised the extent of the FA’s racism when Michael Owen was made captain ahead of him.

“I believe if I was white, I would’ve been England captain for more than 10 years,” he said. “It’s as simple as that.”

Campbell said his performances, credibility, club captaincy experience and position at the heart of central defence made him a worthy candidate.

Anyone that says race is just a skin colour is really saying that they are not paying attention to anything else. Sol Campbell here has a fine example of a Negro skull that clearly is nowhere near the shape of a White man’s skull.

But he said that although it was acceptable to have a non-white captain as captain of age-group teams but not of the full national side.

“I don’t think it will change because they don’t want it to, and probably the majority of fans don’t want it, either,” he said in the biography by Simon Astaire.

And he added: “There is a ceiling and although no one has ever said it, I believes its made of glass.”

Campbell said he had repeatedly asked himself why he was not made permanent captain – he led England out three times in 73 caps between 1996 and 2007 – and could only conclude it was due to the colour of his skin. He said the more caps he won the further away from the captaincy he appeared to get.

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