UK Appoints First Hijab Mommy Judge to Rule Over Naughty Britons with Iron Sharia Fist

Imagine that there are people who will believe this is good just because the media told them it is good.

The Independent:

A Muslim woman has become the first hijab-wearing judge in the UK.

Raffia Arshad, 40, was appointed a deputy district judge on the Midlands circuit last week after a 17-year career in law.

“It’s definitely bigger than me, I know this is not about me. It’s important for all women, not just Muslim women, but it is particularly important for Muslim women,” she told Metro.

Speaking to the outlet she said that as a young girl she feared that her working-class upbringing and ethnic minority background would alienate her from the profession.

The newly appointed judge said that she wishes to use her platform “to make sure the sound of diversity is heard loud and clear”.

Don’t worry, Raffia Arshad. It is heard.

Loud, and clear.

Ms Arshad described how the positive response she has received is the most rewarding part of the appointment.

“I’ve had so many emails from people, men and women. It’s the ones from women that stand out, saying that they wear a hijab and they thought they wouldn’t even be able to become a barrister, let alone a judge,” she told the newspaper.

After training in London Ms Arshad was called in 2002 and joined St Mary’s Family Law Chambers in 2004.

Throughout her career, she has practised in a variety of fields including private law children, forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and cases with Islamic law issues.

The Joint Heads of St Mary’s Family Law Chambers praised Ms Arshad’s efforts to further diversity within the profession and inspire minorities.

“Raffia has led the way for Muslim women to succeed in the law and at the Bar and has worked tirelessly to promote equality and diversity in the profession,” Vickie Hodges and Judy Claxton said.

“It is an appointment richly deserved and entirely on merit and all at St Mary’s are proud of her and wish her every success.”

Ms Arshad emphasised that while the judicial office is doing its utmost to promote inclusion, she carries her own sense of responsibility to champion diversity in the profession.

‘Now it’s up to me to be that voice for them, to make sure the sound of diversity is heard loud and clear and that it gets to the appropriate places,” she said.

Throughout history, and prehistory, human beings have recognized that having foreigners rule over them is a negative phenomenon. But modern propaganda is so efficient that modern man is capable of believing that foreigners ruling over him, publicly insulting him, is good because it is called “diversity,” and agreeing with it is associated with being a nice person.

Of course, we should expect such a morally bankrupt people, who prioritize vague “niceness” as the ultimate moral good, to be the same sort that should fear the flu, and be willing to give over all of their rights in the name of the flu. We should expect any cowardice and evil to be demonstrated by a people as empty and pathetic as this.