UK: Antifa’s Attack Nationalist London Forum, Are Crushed by Attendees

Max Musson
Western Spring
January 8, 2017

Ha ha! Antifa!

An Antifa gang attacked a meeting of the South West Forum this afternoon, in an act of terrorism that backfired on them and left them running bruised and battered from the venue with their tails between their legs.

The meeting had commenced slightly later than planned and the first speaker Kevin Layzell had just finished speaking when a hail of rocks came flying through the windows showering the audience in glass.

As we looked round we saw approximately a dozen black clad figures with hoods and scarves around their faces kicking and punching two nationalists who had stepped outside momentarily.

Immediately audience members rushed out to confront the attackers and a fist fight broke out in which several of the Antifa thugs received a sound battering before escaping and running away. Much to the surprise of the Antifa thugs, the nationalist audience was made of sterner stuff than they had anticipated and several older nationalists of pensionable age were seen to get the better of their much younger adversaries.

Several of the nationalists received minor injuries, but thankfully nothing serious.

Sadly the management of the venue did not want the meeting to continue following the disturbance as glaziers needed admission in order to repair the broken glass.

The meeting organiser, Julie Lake was punched during the fighting, but was bullish afterwards, and vowed that she will beef up security for further meetings, but will not allow this cowardly attack to divert her from her mission.

Following the proscription of National Action at the end of last year, we wonder whether Amber Rudd will be inclined to ban Antifa as an organisation that both encourages and commits acts of violence for political purposes.