UK: Anti-Terrorism Chieftain Demands Action Against Vaccine Skeptics

Every last remnant of freedom of speech is dissolving before our eyes.

They’re taking your freedom for your own safety, of course.


Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism officer has called for a national debate about new laws to crack down on anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists.

Responding to concerns that false claims could erode public trust in any potential Covid-19 jab, Neil Basu suggested there should be a discussion about whether people should be allowed to spread ‘misinformation that could cost people’s lives’.

The Met Assistant Commissioner stopped short of endorsing the idea of new legislation, but his intervention may increase pressure on ministers to do more to punish people spreading conspiracy theories, the Evening Standard reports.

He said: ‘There is a debate for society to have about free speech and responsibility and people who are spreading misinformation that could cost people’s lives… whether that is the correct thing for this society to allow to happen.’

Labour has called for emergency legislation ‘that would include financial and criminal penalties for companies that fail to act to stamp out dangerous anti-vaccine content’.

Shadow culture secretary Jo Stevens and shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth have written to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden stressing that the ‘spread of disinformation online presents a real and present danger’ to vaccination efforts.

Again, we see the ugly idea that the government has the right to make people’s choices for them about what risks they are allowed to take.

We’ve talked a lot about the vaccine itself, but this goes well beyond the vaccine and enters the realm of the question: what exactly is the role that the government should be playing in people’s personal lives?

What these people are saying is:

  1. People are talking negatively about the vaccine
  2. Other people will hear negative information about the vaccine and think negatively of the vaccine
  3. Some people will not take the vaccine because they heard something negative about it
  4. People will die because they didn’t take the vaccine
  5. We have to stop people from dying by silencing people talking negatively about the vaccine

From the beginning of civilization, and obviously before that, it was considered fundamental that individual human beings have a right to make decisions about their personal lives. The coronavirus program says that the government has a right to make decisions for people if they are making the wrong decision, and the government claims absolute ability to know which decisions are right and which are wrong.

All of the initial restrictions on freedom of speech were about protecting people from other people. Obviously, the arguments are bullshit, but what they claim is that if people are allowed to say mean things about other groups, that will inspire people to go out and kill members of those groups. So they are protecting, for example, Jews from people who would want to kill Jews.

In banning “vaccine disinformation,” they will be protecting a person from potentially harming themselves, because they were not able to make their own adult decisions responsibly. Whether or not the government is right about the vaccine is irrelevant to this equation. The issue is: people should have a right to make their own decisions. We are human beings, we have free will, we need to be allowed to make our own choices.

If you just think about this for a moment, it doesn’t take much imagination to look forward to where an ideology of “the government knows what is best for you, so it will make your decisions for you now” will lead. This will be an absolute hell on earth. With this principle having been established as the norm, they are going to begin to regulate and manage every single aspect of your life. If they can make your decisions for you about something that puts you at a 0.03% risk of death, they can make your decisions about anything.

The government is already deciding:

  • When you cover your face with cloth
  • Who you are allowed to meet with
  • How close you stand to one another
  • How many people you’re allowed in your home on holidays
  • Whether you’re allowed to open your business
  • Who you’re allowed to serve at your business
  • When you can go to church
  • When you can go to the gym
  • When you can leave your home at all
  • What chemicals you inject into your body

These are all intimate personal decisions, and no one would have believed a year ago that the government would be making them for us.

What limits are there on what decisions the government is allowed to make for you? 

Frankly, even if the government knew what were all the correct decisions, and had only the purest motivations in making those decisions for you, this would still be a hellish proposition. A system in which all of your personal life decisions are made for you by an all knowing government would strip any meaning from life.

The solution to bad information is always more information. If people cannot make good decisions with the information that is available to them, then those people will have to deal with the outcome of their bad decisions. That is called being an adult.

It is flabbergasting that people are simply going along with all of this. These freedoms that we are sacrificing are sacred, and our children deserve to have them.