UK: Anti-Mask Protesters with Megaphones Ask People to “Resist the New World Order”

I can see how knowing that coronavirus is a hoax and witnessing most people go along with it can make some people do this kind of thing.

Daily Mail:

A mob of anti-mask protesters stunned grocery shoppers after storming a supermarket yelling ‘You guys need to resist’.

Members of group StandUp X walked into the Morrison’s store in Peckham, south London, to lecture people on wearing face coverings during the pandemic.

As shoppers harmlessly filling up their baskets looked on, the protesters walked through shouting that people should not submit to coronavirus rules.

And they told people buying food: ‘Your masks are so bad for you.’

One shouted: ‘You are conditioned to believe everything the government tells you.

‘Never ask questions. You never ask questions, just wear a mask.

‘You know this agenda is the new world order agenda. They are conditioning you for the new world order guys. You guys need to resist.

‘Resist the new world order guys. How many people die from the flu every year? 

You are not asking any questions. You are just wearing a mask because they tell you to wear a mask. Do some research.’

StandUp x describe themselves as a group that is ‘peacefully questioning the narrative.’

They believe the new lockdown rules are a state of ‘authoritarian control’ and say they do not consent to social distancing measures.

Their website says: ‘We do not consent to Government social distancing measures infringing upon public and private life.

‘We do not accept enforced masks. We do not accept a dictatorship of lockdowns, threats of lockdowns, and Covid Ghettos.’

They also question the need for 5G and various other government and charitable ventures.

As shoppers watched them walk through the store chanting, video footage shows none were wearing masks.

In contrast, many of those buying food were adhering to guidelines put in place by PM Boris Johnson to reduce the spread of the virus.

One protester handed out leaflets, while another shouted: ‘Don’t let the government lie to you no more!’

Another chanted: ‘We are the people, we are the power, we are the 99%.’

The video was posted on the group’s Twitter account, alongside the cation: ‘On our London protest in Peckham Rye yesterday we took a detour to Morrisons to wake up the shoppers #londonprotest #peckhamrye #morrisons #nomasks #awake #HumanRights #freedom #covid #Police #media #Plandemic #Plandemic2020.’

It’s funny how the media refers to them as a mob. I would have called them “a group.”

When I hear the word “mob,” I think of something else.

But this “mob” is right that people don’t ask questions. Most are going along with the mask stuff, and many believe they’re some kind of heroes keeping people safe by submitting to the government.