UK: Anti-Male Domestic Violence Sees Massive Increase Because of Loony Lockdown

Society is totally collapsing as a result of the virus hoax.

At the beginning of this thing, we told you that domestic abuse would be a massive problem, along with an explosion in divorces.

Those chickens are sprinting home.

Full-on Jesse Owens chickens.


Charities dealing with men who suffer domestic abuse have seen pleas for help jump by up to 60% during the lockdown.

The Respect Men’s Advice Line said some victims had told them they had sought refuge by sleeping in cars or in tents in the gardens of friends or relatives.

The charity said it had received 13,812 calls and emails between April and July in lockdown compared to 8,648 in the same period in 2019.

Respect’s Ippo Panteloudakis said the pandemic had made the problem worse.

He said: “It was absolutely clear the lockdown period exacerbated everyone’s domestic abuse experiences.

“They were talking about increases in violence, increases in psychological abuse and becoming homeless as a result of the domestic abuse and not having anywhere to go.

“We had reports from men sleeping in their cars overnight or sleeping in their friends’ or parents’ gardens in tents.”

The advice line said the biggest increase in contact with abuse victims came through emails and the service saw the volume increase by 96% from 372 emails in June 2019 to 728 in June 2020.

On average it received 22 emails a day and 92 phone calls as the lockdown took hold from April to June.

Bradford-based charity Men Standing Up takes male domestic abuse referrals from across the country.

It started up six years ago and has dealt with more than 4,000 cases.

Men Standing Up has so-called crash pads and emergency accommodation for men for up to 14 days.

Before the coronavirus lockdown it ran a support group and helped victims attend court for hearings over restraining orders or to go to GP appointments.

Service manager Nikasha Khan said: “It’s gone from them being able to pick up the phone and say ‘I’m feeling really down, could we go out for a coffee?’.

“That’s had to stop unfortunately because of the restrictions so we’ve been trying to provide as much telephone support as possible and give them that emotional support that they need but they have been struggling with that.”

Imagine that the men’s domestic abuse line is run by a woman.

An Islamic woman.

Who wears a hijab.

Imagine that and you’ll understand how it was possible to foist this hoax upon us in the first place.

It’s embarrassing that there is a domestic abuse line for men, but that’s where we’re at.

Anti-male domestic abuse is a real issue, because men will be thrown in prison if they defend themselves.

Anti-female domestic abuse was not a real issue in the time before the virus, but I suspect that we will find that it has become an issue during the lockdown. The economic fallout is going to require many of these services relating to these things to shut down.

This is all just going to keep getting worse and worse and worse, for at least two decades. There is literally no other possible trajectory to this. And after two decades, I don’t really know what solutions there will be.

Our society has been flushed down the toilet into hell.

And they did it on purpose.

Remember that the Jews did this on purpose.