UK: Anti-EU Campaigner Warns That Remaining in the Union Means Cologne-Style Ficki Ficki

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2016


More and more, it is looking like the Cologne sex attacks were the best thing to happen to Europe in decades.

The Telegraph:

Remaining in the European Union will increase the likelihood that Cologne-style sex attacks by immigrants could take place on the streets of Britain, one of the leading campaigns to leave the EU is warning.

Dominic Cummings, campaign director of Vote Leave, said there was “nothing” to stop the sex attackers from moving to the UK once they get German citizenship.

Clever man.

How dare he be clever?

The news came as Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, accused most Cabinet ministers of putting their careers before their conscience and backing David Cameron’s position to stay in the EU.

The ‘ground war’ in the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU starts today in earnest with the Remain campaign sending out 10 million leaflets, designed to appeal to different regions, to homes across the country.

Nick Herbert, a former Conservative minister, launched a new campaign group to support Mr Cameron’s attempts to achieving reform in the EU, with two polls putting the Leave campaign in the lead.

None of these people have ever explained why Britain was in the EU in the first place. It has a better economy than all the EU countries combined (not bigger, mind you, but significantly more stable) if it remains a solo nation.

Mostly, it was sold to the people through a bunch of feel-good gibberish.

The comments from Mr Cummings about the alleged sex attacks on hundreds of German women by immigrants over New Year show that the Vote Leave campaign is not afraid to play the ‘fear’ card to win support.

Talking about obvious problems on the horizon is not “fear-mongering.” That is an insane claim. It’s like saying that telling someone it’s dangerous to run into a burning building is “playing the fear card.”

The man is simply stating an obvious fact. Germany is planning to give all of these “migrants” passports, and many – if not most – will then want to travel on to the UK, where benefits are even better and people speak English as a first language.

Mr Cummings wrote on Twitter, the social media website: “EU law = once Cologne sex abusers get citizenship they can fly to UK & there’s nothing we can do. #VoteLeave = safer choice.”

A friend of Mr Cummings added: “The basic point is once someone has an EU passport they can come here including if they are convicted criminals, because of free movement and of course nothing Cameron is negotiating will stop that.”

The comments were backed up by Mr Farage who told BBC1’s Sunday Politics: “What you can’t do is take away from ordinary folk out there scenes such as Cologne and saying to themselves in three years’ time all these people will have EU passports and will be able to come to Britain.

“This campaign will be the people against the politicians and the more the politicians club together, perhaps the more the people will choose to vote against them.”

The Prime Minister is understood to be determined to hold a referendum in June because of threat of a terrorist attack or sexual attacks by migrant gangs boosting support for Out campaign.

Officials fear the “optics” of migrants tearing down fences, bodies being washed ashore, attacks on women or an attack like that in Paris will send voters into the Out camp, according to figures close to the negotiations.

No 10 is also keenly aware of how the pictures of Aylan Kurdi, the drowned toddler, gripped attention in Britain.


Migrant flows are expected to surge again by April or May at the latest, but if a deal is sealed in February it opens the door to a June referendum.

One source said: “What scares them is two things – migration and terrorism. They worry about another Paris attacks or something similar to what happened in Cologne.

“All you need is to start seeing the Greek islands being overwhelmed again with too many people, the pictures of boats arriving or bodies being washed up, another Aylan Kurdi, an image of people tearing down fences at the borders.”

Wait, are you saying democracy is idiotic because the masses of people are so easily manipulated by media imagery?

Because that seems to be what you are actually saying.

If this were true, it would be extremely troublesome.

It would mean the entire system of government that you’ve been pushing on the whole world for decades is actually a gigantic hoax.