UK: Another Moslem Caught After Kidnapping and Raping 12-Year-Old

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 14, 2018

Ibrahim Hussain.

Don’t let another case of a Moslem raping a young girl give you bad thoughts.

Just think of all the kebabs we can get now.


A 12-year-old girl was raped repeatedly by a gang of men described in court as ‘a pack of ravenous wolves’. She was abducted by Ibrahim Hussain, 35, who forced her to go to a house where he raped her three times over three days.

He then took her to another house where she was raped by five unknown men in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Hussain has now been jailed for 23 years at Bradford Crown Court.

Judge David Hatton QC told the court she was raped by ‘what can only be described as essentially a pack of ravenous wolves’. He concluded that Hussain had arranged for the girl to go to Leeds for money and he had also made threats to her to get her to comply.