UK Announces Nationwide Lockdown to be Enforced by Police

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2020

You could have prevented this if you would have just did the thing I said to do and supported global warming.

The fun times are over, goyim.


In a national address on Monday, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson became the latest world leader to order a nationwide lockdown in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Why it matters: Johnson warned on Sunday that a surge of coronavirus cases over the next two weeks could cripple the country’s National Health Service, and that the U.K. is only “a matter of weeks” behind Italy — now the site of the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world.

“I urge you, at this moment of national emergency, to stay at home, protect our NHS, and save lives,” Johnson said.

The government will reassess the lockdown in three weeks.

Details: Johnson ordered all non-essential shops, playgrounds, libraries, gyms and places of worship to close, and banned public meetings of more than two people, which he said will be enforced by police.

If this is how the West handles a mild outbreak of a flu, then what would they do if there was actually a dangerous virus that killed more than the old and infirm spreading through the population?

If you max-out your measures of containment on a disease that is relatively irrelevant, then what do you do when the big one hits? The same thing you do for the flu, I suppose.

Asians are biological neurotics.

I am continually shocked to see people still panicked at this point. But even if you are panicked, recognize that all of these extreme measures were unnecessary.

If our governments were capable of providing the people with virus tests and masks, as two very simple measures, none of this shutdown would have been necessary. The shutdown is either a complete failure of the system, or it is a scheme to do all of this weird stuff on purpose. It is not and was never necessary.

This Chinese propaganda guide is being spammed everywhere.

I don’t know if it is confirmed as real or not, and probably can’t be confirmed as real, but it is certain that some form of this was distributed.

The problem is: they are right. Every single one of those “As” is accurate. It’s framed in terms of propaganda, of course, but the points are true.

We are living in a completely non-functional society, and the first stress-test in decades has shown just how bad things really are.

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