UK: All-White London Sign Tells People to Sterilize Themselves

Daily Stormer
November 7, 2019

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A pro-sterilisation billboard spotted in London has reignited the conversation about multiculturalism and diversity.

The message, apparently put up in North London’s Holloway Road, read: “Imagine a city less crowed [sic]… do your part–get sterilised! Yay!”

Notably, all of the cartoonish kids on the billboard are white, raising questions among social media users over whether it appealed specifically to white people.

The advertising policy in the UK is aimed at eliminating racial stereotyping and increasing diversity. The national advertising watchdog states in its guidelines that “advertisers should avoid depicting racial stereotypes in their advertising and should not include anything which may cause offence on the grounds of race”.

“Black, Asian, and minority ethnic” (BAME) people are increasingly being featured in advertisements in the UK. According to a 2018 study of over 2,000 ads from the top 50 ad spenders by Lloyd Banking Group, the share of BAME characters in adverts doubled in 2015-2018 from 12 to 25 percent – while this group accounts for nearly 14 percent of the population. The study also points out, however, that 3 in 5 ads feature all or a majority of white people (the share of all-white ads is not specified).

According to another study by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, ethnic diversity within UK ad agencies is at its “highest recorded level”.

The latter explains ads like this.

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More and more international brands are also embracing diversity, but some of them still court controversy over perceived racism in their ads – take, for instance, H&M’s ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ hoodie or Heineken’s ‘lighter is better’ commercial.

The British government has also seen some virtue-signalling on the part of the leftists this year after putting warnings about carrying knives inside takeaway chicken boxes – many critics, including lawmakers, thought the campaign targeted chicken shops because that’s where young black people go.

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