UK: All Kinds of Foods are Killing Women in Self-Defense Now

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 29, 2020

Abby Reese Beaumont, 15

The Cake Peoples from all around the world have recently started defending themselves against gluttonous women, and now all kinds of foodstuffs are following their lead.

Daily Star:

Heartbroken parents of a 15-year-old have told how a “freak accident” led to their teenage daughter’s death.

Abby Reese Beaumont, from Mold in North Wales, died soon after she regurgitated food which got into her lungs and caused haemorrhaging.

She started coughing and collapsed on her kitchen floor as she tried to get a drink of water, report The Daily Post.

Her parents, Darren and Alison, said nothing more could have been done to save their “fit and healthy” daughter who called out for her mum before she died.

She didn’t look fit and healthy though. She looked like a mutant from a Troma film.

She was clearly fat and had skin problems.

But you wouldn’t know that from her social media.

Women really are the fakest of the fakes.

Two of her neighbours were doctors, and another two had military medical training.

They all rushed to help the teen, but despite “massive efforts” Abby went into cardiac arrest and died shortly afterwards.

An inquest at Mold County Hall today heard how she had gone to Alun School, Mold as normal that morning.

The teen made herself some nachos with chicken for dinner at around 7pm, and went to her room to chat to her friends on her phone.

“Women dying while eating unhealthy food” is the new trend marking the beginning of 2020.

However, around 11pm, Abby started coughing and went downstairs to get a glass of water.

In a statement from her father, Darren, who had been in the living room, he described hearing his daughter calling out for her mum.

He ran to the kitchen to see she had collapsed on the floor with blood coming from her nose and mouth.

Abby’s postmortem showed that Abby had no underlying medical conditions but suggested her lungs may have bled because of “obstruction by food particles” that could have been caused by stomach acid being brought back up and swallowed back down the wrong way.

All women should be reminded that the food they try to eat may kill them, and that their next meal could be their last.

Junk food, in particular, appears to have it out for women.

Perhaps if they keep that in mind, they’ll lose some of the disgusting excess fat that they carry.