UK: 85% of Students Believe They Deserve a Refund for “Online Learning” Scam

I’ve said for years that college is pointless, even if you think it has a point, because you can get all the materials on the internet for free anyway.

People would say, “oh, but you get something out of the hands on experience.”

Well, if you remove the hands on experience because of a virus hoax, then what do you have? You have the same exact thing you could get for free. Charging people full price for this is lunacy.

The Independent:

More than 85 per cent of university students feel they should get some form of tuition fee refund this year, according to a new survey.

A majority of those polled also said blended learning – a mixture of online and in-person teaching offered during the pandemic – had been either “ineffective” or “very ineffective”.

Students have previously told The Independent their fees should be reduced this year as their university experience had been fundamentally altered during the pandemic.

Many said online learning was not the same as face-to-face teaching, while campus facilities and resources were more difficult to access due to coronavirus.

A new survey by Quizlet, a digital learning platform, found 86 per cent of respondents thought they should get either a full or partial tuition fee refund this year.

This is just a blatant scam. These kids should get their money back – and they should be compensated for damages for wasting their time.

The government is saying to complain to the schools.

In response to a parliamentary petition calling for a partial tuition fee refund due to Covid-19, which was signed tens of thousands of times, the government said: “Higher education providers must deliver high-quality courses. If students are unhappy, they should first complain to their provider, or the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education.”

Frankly, the government should have to pay as well, because they’re the ones that forced these schools to shut down in the first place.

But the schools knew they were going to be shut down, and then still went ahead and charged people for the classes.

Our entire establishment is so absurdly corrupt that it is like some kind of a weird performance art piece.