UK: 800 Emergency Foreign Butchers Flown in to Deal with Butcher Shortage!

Tainted foreigner scum will be brought in to replace the pureblooded!

This is not related to the forced vax mandates, but rather another crisis created by this moronic virus hoax.

Yet, this is exactly what I’ve said will happen as regards the vax mandates – if there is a shortage in any industry, they will just fly in emergency squads of foreigners!


Up to 800 additional butchers will be allowed to apply for temporary six-month UK visas, London has announced, as the nation continues to suffer from an acute labour shortage blamed both on Brexit and the Covid pandemic.

The butchers will be eligible to apply for visas from the existing allocation in the Seasonal Workers Pilot Scheme until the end of the year, the UK government said as it announced a package of measures to support the national pork industry.

The new visas will be granted in addition to an existing scheme allowing foreign butchers to apply to come to the UK through a skilled worker program created in December 2020.

A unique range of pressures on the pig sector over recent months such as the impacts of the pandemic and its effect on export markets have led to the temporary package of measures we are announcing today,” said Environment Secretary George Eustice. He added, however, that the butchers still need to be fluent in English to successfully apply for visas.

Our countries – that is, America, UK, and Australia primarily, plus France and some other Western European countries – will have no trouble flying in people from anywhere if there are shortages as a result of mass firings from refusing vax mandates.

Granted, third world people are probably not even as stupid as whites when it comes to trusting this vaccine – most whites are foolish trustful morons who think the whole world is like the Berenstain Bears!

This is what white people actually believe!

But the third world is so massive that it is easy to find enough people willing to take the vax for an opportunity to replace you!

Just as an example – Filipinos have been pretty resistant to the vax, even though the government was forcing it. But like half the Filipino population are trained nurses, and there are over 100 million people there! They all speak rudimentary English! They are obsessed with “working abroad” and will happily fly in to take nursing jobs!

And that’s the issue of “skilled labor” – for the issue of most workers, they can just bring in Mexicans!

I hate to tell you this – but you have no leverage!

You can claim “oh, well, we will all quit at the same time and that will shut down the company!” – but that won’t work long term! They will just go to the third world and find enough vaxed scum to come in as taint scabs, and give them visas!

The only way this vax agenda could really be resisted is if there was an organized movement of purebloods across all jobs – and across all nations! But that can’t happen because of internet censorship.

Instead, you get the Jew media claiming that the Southwest sickout isn’t even related to the vax! And most people believe that! The purebloods think they’re alone!

But in fact, we are the majority! They are lying about the numbers!

Regardless – the pureblooded with inherit the earth. I agree with people saying that this vax is not precisely designed to kill people. But it will kill people! The science has no idea what it is doing! All of these tainted mutants will end up dead or with chronic health disorders, and the system will collapse!

The purebloods will rule!

The pureblooded will inherit the earth!

Remember – stay pure, no matter what.

The tainted are signing up to an unlimited regime of vaxes. The elite are going to start manipulating different batches of them, turning them into different types of mutant freaks. They are all tagged and traced, so when they go in for their fifth booster, they might get a DNA injection that turns them into a spider creature!

Or perhaps into a reptoid steed for some fat boomer pervert!

They don’t know!

They are turning over total control of their biology to the Democrat Party and the World Economic Forum!

A new age is coming!

The purebloods will reclaim the earth!

We will sow the fields of the new earth!

A new age!

A new race!

A new earth!

The age of the pureblood!