UK: 77% of Doctors Say Foreigners Should Pay for Healthcare

Daily Stormer
April 6, 2015

This is the face of hate.
This is the face of hate.

Yes, it does seem logical that people who come to your country for the purpose of feeding off of you and the society your ancestors built should have to pay for something occasionally.

Still, I can’t help but feel that these doctors are likely motivated by pure hatred.

Daily Mail:

Three quarters of GPs want to charge foreigners for appointments, figures show.

They say too many migrants and tourists are abusing the NHS, which is already under immense pressure.

Many want foreigners to be regarded as private patients and made to pay at the surgery reception either by card or cash.

A private GP appointment typically costs £70 and from then on overseas patients would also have to pay for blood tests, scans or drugs.

Ministers have warned that the NHS is becoming an ‘international health service’ and overseas patients not entitled to free care racking up bills of up to £300 million year.

They have proposed a series of measures to crackdown on the problem including a pilot scheme last month to check the documents of all new patients registering with a GP.

At present, GP appointments and treatment are free for all overseas patients although they are meant to pay for most hospital procedures.

But family doctors say that the current system makes them a gateway for foreigners abusing free hospital treatment.

This is because staff rarely bother to check patients’ nationalities and whether they should be paying as they assume that if they have a GP referral they are eligible for free NHS care.

A survey of 515 GPs by Pulse magazine found that 77 per cent were in favour of ‘upfront’ charges for foreign patients.

It’s almost as though they’ve forgotten about slavery, colonialism and the holocaust.