UK: 75% of Adults Aren’t Friends with Any of Their Neighbors, Survey Finds

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2019

Would you rather live in The Shire with people like you and know each and every one of your neighbors, or live in the city along with random Mordorlings that you actively try to avoid interacting with?

Study Finds:

In decades past, it wasn’t uncommon at all for the average family to know each and every one of their neighbors living close by on the same street. Those dwelling on the same block would regularly gather for holiday parties in the winter, and barbecues during the summer. As the years have gone by, however, people have slowly become more inclined to keep to themselves and shy away from even greeting or speaking to their neighbors.

Now, a new survey of 2,000 British adults shows the staggering extent to which the concept of a neighborhood community has fallen by the wayside. In all, 75% say they consider their neighbors mere acquaintances at best. Sadly, nearly a quarter wouldn’t dream of knocking on one of their doors uninvited because there is “no sense of community spirit” in their neighborhood.

Diversity is a big factor in this. The reason multiculturalism has to be promoted and forced everywhere is that it doesn’t come naturally.

People don’t feel comfortable when everyone around them looks so radically different.


Everyone feels isolated into their own micro-communities of people who belong to the same race, while at the same time, threatened by those who don’t.

Looking at America for a bit, a grotesque example of this phenomenon are blacks. According to crime statistics, they are objectively the most dangerous group, yet they really believe that white people are out to get them.

It’s not just whites in white countries who feel alienated by diversity. Everyone involved suffers.

The survey, commissioned by Lottoland, also found that one in 10 modern adults mine as well be living next to an empty house as they only see their neighbors less than once per month. Still, four in 10 say they are at least “friendly” with a few of their neighbors, but still wouldn’t call them actual friends. The average survey respondent reports knowing the names of just five people living on their street.

Shockingly, one in 20 couldn’t name a single other person from his or her block.

Many people are ultimately fine with not knowing their neighbors; 56% say they have no interest in getting to know those who live next door any better than they already do. But, the survey did find that people living in rural areas (18%) are more likely to have friends in their neighborhood than city dwellers (15%).

Some, in their innocence, may have imagined that more people living around them would mean more friends and acquaintances, but the curse of the metropolis dictates that the more people one encounters, the less meaningful each encounter becomes.

Crowds are lonely places.

On top of that, consumerism and the overall lifestyle enforced by Modernity atomizes people even further and locks them up in cages of Netflix and social media.

Human interaction outside of glowing screens is considered a hassle. It doesn’t increase likes or views, therefore, it is pointless.

Human interaction outside of the workplace doesn’t produce results and it doesn’t help you meet your deadline, so it’s pointless.

Human interaction in your sleeping pod area gives other producer-consumer units the creeps, and it’s pointless.

Focus on working so you get paid and then spend your money on random things, and if you feel that your life is lacking something, try working harder so you can buy more things.

Feed The Economy.