UK: 6-Year-Old Girls are “Sexting” During Lockdown

Given the choice, women are known to go the slut route. Apparently, that’s true even if they’re children.

Daily Mail:

Girls as young as six are sending sexually explicit texts during the coronavirus pandemic, research suggests.

The disturbing figure emerged as parents were offered a million free downloads of a phone safety app via the Government’s website.

So-called ‘sexts’ typed out by children in the UK have risen 183 per cent during lockdown.

There has been a 55 per cent rise in sexts drafted during normal school hours, SafeToNet said.

The company’s app stops harmful messages being sent and offers guidance as a message is being composed.

The British technology start-up has analysed around 70million such messages sent by children and found girls are sending the majority.

Eleven-year-old girls and 13-year-old boys attempted to send the highest proportion of sexts and messages identified as cyber-bullying, but the app also stopped messages being sent from girls as young as six and boys aged nine.

That saying about idle hands being the devil’s workshop is quite relevant during the lockdown. This house arrest lifestyle is especially hard on kids, who are used to being outside their homes for school and interacting with their peers, playing and doing stuff.

All of their energy is now ready for the rotten depths of the internet to devour.

Six-year-olds have no business having unsupervised access to a smartphone — or any internet-enabled device for that matter — but, realistically speaking, this lockdown thing has been going on for far too long, and even the most well-intentioned parents are having a hard time keeping their kids entertained.

It’s a nightmare scenario, with nightmare consequences.