UK: 500 Academics Write Letter to Boris Johnson Condemning the Lockdown, Say Virus Way Exaggerated

Wait, so it’s not a big deal?

You mean Anglin was right again?

Daily Mail:

Official data is ‘exaggerating’ the risk of Covid-19 and talk of a second wave is ‘misleading’, nearly 500 academics told Boris Johnson in open letter attacking lockdown.

The doctors and scientists said the Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has become ‘disproportionate’ and that mass testing has distorted the risk of the virus.

They said tests are likely to be producing high numbers of ‘false positive’ results and the Government must do more to put infection and death rates within the context of normal seasonal rates.

The letter criticised the Government’s handling of coronavirus for ‘causing more harm than good’.

It comes after the UK yesterday confirmed a further 24,957 positive Covid tests, up just 13.9 per cent on last week’s total.

Top scientists suggested the UK’s second wave of coronavirus has already peaked.

Professor Tim Spector, who leads the Covid Symptom Study app aiming to track the spread of Covid-19 in the UK, confirmed that there were ‘positive signs’ the country has ‘passed the peak of the second wave’.

The open letter to the Prime Minister was signed by 469 medics and is titled First Do No Harm – the medical principle that a cure must never be worse than the disease itself.

Take a good long look at these two graphs:

Take a long, long look.

“Three times the infections, but a third of the deaths?” asks ye.


That’s called “we need more testing.”

It’s a hoax, friend.

I’ve seen some people pointing to this piece of news and saying “LOOK SEE CORONAVIRUS WAS ALL ABOUT TRUMP NOW THEY’RE GOING TO STOP THE LOCKDOWNS AND GO BACK TO NORMAL.”

I must say that this is obviously false. This news item is just unavoidable. Too many people are looking at this virus, and these lockdowns, and seeing that it’s all a gigantic scam; they can’t keep the lid on that. (Also, obviously, 500 people didn’t just put this together in the time since it looked like Biden was going to win. Obviously.)

The system is not going to give up this mechanism of control if they are able to force Trump out. In fact, the opposite is going to happen. You’re going to see coronamania unleashed.

They know that they can use this to take people’s rights and strip them of their wealth.

It’s the perfect mind weapon against the goyim, and it will be used to bring in the Great Reset. They want you to live in a pod and eat bugs with a computer chip in your hand, maybe one in your brain.

This isn’t ending, no matter what, and all the morons who thought this had to do with Trump are going to lose their marbles when they find out this is the reverse.