UK: 49% of the Dull Masses Believe Russia is Responsible for Brexit

I often do the King Incognito TV trope, and post anonymously on the internet, so I am able to act without the baggage of my internet infamy. I’ve been told I am a Russian agent while posting anonymously on forums and comments sections.

It is a totally dehumanizing experience, to be told that you do not have real opinions. You either cannot think for yourself or you are not even a real person, but a bot.

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The media is obsessed with claiming entire groups of people do not exist, that they are just a spook created by the Russians to harm the neo-liberal empire.

The Guardian:

Almost half the British public believes the Russian government interfered in the EU referendum and last year’s general election, according to a poll. The latest Opinium poll for the Observer found that 49% of voters think there was Russian interference in the Brexit referendum, with 23% disagreeing. Some 47% believed Russia interfered in the December general election.

The poll findings come after the long-awaited publication of the report into Russian interference by parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee last week. It found that the government had not attempted to investigate potential Russian interference in the referendum. It said the UK had “badly underestimated” the Russian threat.

Opinium asked people whether they thought there was any involvement from Russia in the last three general elections, the EU referendum and the Scottish referendum. For each, the public were more likely to think that the Russian government had interfered than that it had not.

Two-fifths (40%) thought Russia had interfered in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. Remainers were more likely (63%) to think that the Russian government interfered in the EU referendum than Leavers (39%).

The Observer Opinium poll asked respondents if they believed the Russian government had interfered with UK electoral events.

Asked about the 2019 general election, 70% of Lib Dem voters and 62% of Labour voters believed the Russian government interfered, compared with 39% of Conservative voters. However, even Conservative voters were more likely to believe that the Russian government interfered in that election (39%) than not (33%).

When the media come out and blame the public for believing their drivel, they are victim-blaming.

Who is responsible for the opinions of the 49% who believe that Russians are responsible for the opinions of the 52% of the people who voted for Brexit?

The media is doing what they’re accusing Russia of doing while they accuse Russia. The fact of reality is that the opinions of the public are shaped virtually entirely by the media, so when anyone doesn’t go along with that, the media accuses them of being Russian shills, who were brainwashed by Facebook ads from Vladimir Putin.

We have a right to believe in whatever we want to believe in and people have a right to be against globalism. That doesn’t mean they are Russians.