UK: 44% of Primary Schools Refuse to Reopen, Citing Fear of Flu

What do these people even think?

Do they actually still believe this virus is harmful to young, healthy people?

Or is this all just about protecting grandma?

What is going on?

The Guardian:

The government’s desperate push to reopen primary schools in England to kickstart the economy has fallen flat, with up to 90% in some areas remaining closed to more pupils amid rising fears about the spread of coronavirus.

Figures obtained by the Guardian showed that in large parts of the north-east not a single primary school opened to more pupils on Monday, the government’s target date for reopening after the 10-week lockdown.

Data from 11 of the 12 biggest local authorities in the region, which has the highest Covid-19 infection rate in the UK, showed just 12% of their 856 primary schools admitted additional pupils on Monday.

Across England, a National Education Union poll of members suggested, more than two in five schools (44%) decided against admitting more pupils on Monday, contrary to government expectations.

In the north-west, the proportion of schools opening to more pupils was even lower, at just 8%, according to a survey by the country’s biggest education union.

The Welsh education minister, Kirsty Williams, said schools would reopen on 29 June and the summer term would be extended by a week to 27 July, with plans for an additional week off at half term in the next academic year. Further education colleges would reopen from 15 June for face-to-face learning, especially for vulnerable students and those working towards a licence to practice assessments, she said.

The NEU, which has more than 450,000 members, has consistently argued for a later reopening date, when the number of new infections will be lower and the system of testing, tracking and isolation of new cases will have bedded in.

Kevin Courtney, the NEU’s joint general secretary, said the figures were a wake-up call for the government. He said many schools intended to delay a wider reopening and that some would not be able to admit all suggested year groups. A number would not take in any further pupils this term beyond the children of key workers and vulnerable children already attending, he added.

A public union wants to keep getting paid for not working, and doesn’t really care how this will affect the public they work for.

Or, nobody wants to work in primary education except for dumb women and pederasts, and these people are so spineless that they have gone full media hysteria and are legitimately terrified of the flu.

I’m not sure which is worse – but either way, these are the surrogate tribal elders that teach children how to be adults, while their mothers are making PowerPoint presentations and their grandfathers are on vacation beaches with their third wives.

I guess that explains a lot about adults.