UK: 34-Year-Old Kills Himself Due to Loneliness During Social Isolation

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 3, 2020

Daniel Furniss, 34

When a teenage waitress killed herself because she couldn’t bear the social isolation from the lockdown, I wrote that such cases may become increasingly common as the lockdown continues.

Now the flu hysteria has claimed another victim.

Daily Mail:

An extroverted man with bipolar disorder has killed himself in isolation after loneliness ‘pushed him over the edge’.

Daniel Furniss, 34, lived by himself in Crookhorn, near Portsmouth, and stayed indoors as his diabetes made him particularly vulnerable to coronavirus.

But the outgoing ‘big kid’ who was a ‘joy to everyone’ struggled with the lack of contact and sadly took his own life, according to his distraught family.

Sister Chelsea Furniss, 28, is now calling on health authorities to urgently ratchet up support for those suffering mental health issues during the lockdown.

Fondly remembering her brother, who was ‘loved and adored by so many people,’ she said: ‘He would always dress very bright and colourful – you couldn’t miss him.

‘Dan brought a lot of joy to everyone’s lives. Although he was aged 34 he was just a big kid at heart.’

But she said her brother, who has battled with bipolar disorder since his teenage years, struggled with loneliness during the lockdown, despite his family’s best efforts to stay in touch.

Miss Furniss added: ‘Dan had a long history of mental health issues and one of the things he struggled with was being on his own.

‘He lived on his own but would go out every day. Dan had diabetes and was classed as a high risk person so after lockdown he was unable to go out which we think pushed him over the edge.

‘We were concerned about him being in isolation and stayed in touch but were not able to see him.

‘There is not enough guidance for people with mental health issues.

‘More could be done to help people who are struggling while self-isolating. Hopefully what’s happened with Dan can raise awareness of these issues.’

It has to be considered that it isn’t just being alone due to the social isolation directives that may be pushing people over the edge, but also the panic, the hysteria, the psychosis, the uncertainty about the future, and the feeling that the world may be crumbling, which are now so widespread among people.

The economy is being destroyed, people are losing their jobs and burning through their savings to last through the lockdown while being told by the media that everyone’s dying, and on top of that, everyone’s forced to stay away from one another.