UK: 34% of Women “Aren’t Interested” in Having Sex

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2020

About one in three British women aren’t interested in sex, and most of them just so happen to be married or living with a partner.

Daily Mail:

More than a third of women in the UK are not interested in having sex, a study has found.

Researchers conducted a survey of 12,000 Britons, asking them about their libido and attitudes towards sex.

Some 34 per cent of women admitted to not wanting sex, while the same was true for just 15 per cent of men.

Women also revealed they struggle to get aroused, had trouble having orgasms and found it difficult to enjoy sex.

Most people grouped into a ‘low interest’ category (80 per cent) were married or living with their partner, the study showed.

Cohabitation kills attraction.

Women need to have a degree of uncertainty about the men they’re attracted to in order to continue to be attracted to them. There needs to be unanswered questions, suspense and mystery, and they need to fill those gaps with their imagination.

When a woman lives with a man she’s attracted to, she finds herself behind the curtain seeing it all work; the effort, the struggle, the ups and downs, the bad days, the dedication — everything.

The stage loses its magic and the character that represented you in her mind is no longer able to put on a show.

Remember this: she doesn’t want to know how hard it was for you to achieve something and she’s most definitely not interested in knowing “who you really are” or whatever romantic crap you’ve seen promoted in the media your entire life.

She wants to sit there and experience a wide range of emotions watching you put on a show on that stage.

She is incapable of loving you in the way the media told you women were able to love men. She is not your mother.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow analysed sex life questionnaires from a total of 12,132 people in the UK, between the ages of 16 and 74.

Overall, 47.5 per cent of women were deemed to have ‘poor sexual health’, which included emotional experiences as well as physical problems or illness.

In comparison, the rate was just 17 per cent among men. The research was published in the medical journal BMC Public Health.

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The results showed that women were less likely to want or enjoy sex and more likely to have been pressured into having it.

Whereas men were most concerned about catching an infection and were slightly more likely to be anxious or dissatisfied.

Twelve per cent of women said they didn’t enjoy sex, compared with five per cent of men.

And women were three times as likely to report physical pain (seven per cent versus two per cent).

Both sexes were equally likely to have problems like erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness.

But while men were seven times more likely to orgasm too soon, one in six women said they struggled to orgasm at all.

A shocking one in 10 women in the study said someone had made them have sex against their will at some point during their life, compared to one in 100 men.

The survey-study talks about:

  • Women’s enjoyment of sex
  • Women’s physical pain during sex
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Women struggling to orgasm
  • People making women have sex against their will
  • Women’s interest in having sex
  • …and more

Most of the above is meaningless without taking into account the age of the woman.

The age range of people who answered the questionnaire was 16 to 74, which is ridiculously wide. The answers obviously won’t be the same for women aged 16 to 20 and for women aged 50 to 74.

Having said that, there are two things that are especially comical.

The first one is that one in ten women said that someone had made them have sex against their will. If they were talking about rape, they’d use the word “rape.” But since we have Rape Diversity nowadays, what they’re talking about is the new kind of rape; those situations where women don’t physically resist, don’t vocally resist, and actually spread their legs without meaning to.

It’s a tricky kind of rape, because it looks nothing like actual rape — but it’s a kind of rape, alright?

The second comical thing is the idea that men “orgasm too soon.”

Too soon for what and according to whom?

The idea that men have to be doing thrusting motions for some undetermined amount of time in order to satisfy women is a female-centered idea and essentially the same as looking for the approval of women.

It dries vaginas.

Women get most of the enjoyment surrounding sex from the emotional experience and thrill surrounding sexuality, not from mechanical motions.

If she’s emotionally engaged with the play, with the scene, and with your character, she may even orgasm as soon as you penetrate her.