UK: 25-Year-Old Suffers 14 Anaphylactic Shocks After Receiving Deadly Pfizer Vaccine

Kirsty Hext, 25, and her daughter.

Russia is accused of spreading disinformation saying that the Pfizer vaxx is more deadly than the AstraZeneca vaxx.

However, the evidence is that indeed, the Pfizer vaccine is the single most deadly of these deadly vaxxes.

Daily Mail:

A young mother was put into an induced coma after she suffered 14 anaphylactic shocks due to a very rare reaction to her Covid Pfizer vaccine – but she has spoken out to urge everyone to get vaccinated.

Kirsty Hext, 25, from Havant in Hampshire, also had a seizure and fractured her wrist, leg and cheekbone after falling down the stairs.

The carer – who has been deemed unfit to work – is in hospital after suffering the most recent anaphylactic shock.

Ms Hext, who is waiting to be allergy tested, said she was told by doctors the latest shock was due to a prolonged reaction to her jab.

She said: ‘I don’t have any allergies so it is hard to understand – one minute I am fine and the next I’m fighting for my life.’

Within 20 minutes of having the vaccination, her lips and tongue started to swell and she began gasping for breath.

She went on to suffer multiple further anaphylactic shocks during her initial hospital stay, resulting in her being put into an induced coma and placed in intensive care.

Ms Hext said: ‘Before going into the induced coma I was crying out for my daughter as I was petrified I wouldn’t see her again.

‘I was making plans with my family to help look after my daughter if anything happened to me.’

Ms Hext said she was just ‘unlucky’ with her reaction and still urges people to get vaccinated as it ‘saves lives.’

Yes. She arose from the coma to tell people to inject themselves with the thing that put her in the coma.

Standard white female believer behavior.

There should be adults in the room here.

Every single person I know knows multiple people who have had serious side effects from the vaxx, including death.

Meanwhile, no one knows anyone who died from the allegedly deadly virus.

Listen to this woman from the NHS on David Icke’s son’s show on May 7.

She sure as hell sounds like a real nurse to me, and she says the hospitals were never overwhelmed with flu patients but are now totally overwhelmed with vaxx victims. She said the doctors are shocked and don’t know what to do.

This woman who suffered 14 anaphylactic shocks is only reported by chance. Typically, if someone has 14 anaphylactic shocks after taking the vaxx, the hospital will claim they were random 14 anaphylactic shocks.

Of course, we can’t prove any of it – that is the point.

They are purposefully refusing to keep any kind of statistics on any of this.


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