UK: 2% Of All Men in Prison Have Come Out as Their True Women Selves

Daily Stormer
July 12, 2019

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The HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for England and Wales annual report found that two per cent — or one in 50 — male prisoners identify as female, with that proportion rising to one in ten for male inmates from the traveller community.

The report said: “Prisons were often unaware of the true number of gay, bisexual and other orientation prisoners in their population, and the support provided to this group was often limited.

“However, Belmarsh was an example of how support could be provided; this included several campaigns to raise awareness of the needs of gay and transgender prisoners.”

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People who claim to be transgender are entitled to perks in prison, including having a cell to themselves, showering alone, or even requesting to be transferred to a prison to suit their sexual identity.

Asked if the disproportionate number of transgender people in gaol could be reflective of inmates abusing the system, chief inspector of prisons Chris Clarke said that that could not be determined by the report, but told The Telegraph that inspectors contributing to the data in the report had noted there had been “considerable care paid to the requirements of transgender prisoners”.

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In March, the UK opened its first transgender prisoner wing at Downview women’s prison. The move came following sex attacks against female prisoners by fellow inmates who are biological males that identify as women.

One notable case was that of Karen White, the transgender inmate who sexually assaulted two women prisoners whilst on remand at New Hall prison. White, who was convicted for multiple rapes and the sexual abuse of a child, was later moved to a men’s prison.

A report published in late 2017 claimed that almost half of female transgender inmates are sex offenders.

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