UK: 17% of Kids Say Climate Change Keeps Them Up at Night, 19% Say They Had a Nightmare About It

Daily Stormer
March 4, 2020

Everywhere is warming up faster than the global average, you stupid goyim

Kids are very, very dumb.

I know this from experience, because I used to be one myself.

And that’s okay, they’re supposed to be dumb, it’s how kids are.

But the Jews and ugly women who put this moronic psychosis into their heads… well, they aren’t very bright either, but they still have to pay.

Plant Based News:

Nearly one in five UK children (17 percent) say anxiety over the climate crisis is disrupting their sleep, according to a new survey by BBC Newsround.

According to the BBC, the poll ‘revealed a sense of anxiety and frustration about what adults are doing about it’ among kids.

Almost three quarters (73 percent) of respondents said they are worried about the state of the planet right now, with 22 percent of these children saying they are ‘very’ worried. Almost a fifth (17 percent) said this worry is disturbing their sleep, with 19 percent having had a bad dream about climate change.

What does a bad dream about climate change look like?

Getting attacked by sentient cow farts?

Did it look something like this?

Why didn’t they ask these kids to describe these nightmares they keep having?

Is it because it would be something as stupid or stupider than the sentient cow farts?

More than half of respondents are worried about their future, with 58 percent saying they are worried about the impact that climate change will have on their lives. In addition, 80 percent said the problem of climate change was important to them.

When it comes to how adults are tackling the issue, 41 percent said they don’t trust adults to tackle the climate change issue, with 59 percent saying they don’t think their voices are being heard on the topic. A staggering 64 percent believe that ‘people in power aren’t listening to children’s viewpoints and worries about the changing planet’.

The people in power are the ones who put this climate change bullshit in your head to begin with…

Really, name me a single mainstream politician anywhere in the world other than Trump that isn’t on board with it.

How many other mainstream journalists say things like this?

There are hardly any people in polite society that dare say a word about it.

BBC Newsround spoke to child psychologists about the rise in eco-anxiety.

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Emma Citron, a consultant clinical child psychologist based in London, said: “Young people are clearly worried about climate change and their futures as this survey reveals. Public figures like David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg have helped young people to voice their worries and we have to make sure that we as adults listen to them and empower them by giving talks at school and in their communities to help them become involved in positive change.

“We all need to support them not to feel hopeless but rather to present to them hopeful and balanced messages about their futures and ensure that they get the right professional help if their anxiety is unduly high.”

I’m gonna assume “the right professional help” means people like you getting paid to prescribe them some toxic candy.

BBC Newsround editor Paul Plunkett, added: “We know that our audience are passionate about protecting the planet and the climate strikes in 2019 showed their determination to make their voices heard on environmental issues.

“The question the survey raises for parents and adults is how to show young people that, as a society, we are committed to addressing the challenges raised by climate change, because this survey suggests that at the moment – they aren’t convinced we are.”

Listen up, kiddies – there is no such thing as manmade climate change.

There never was.

The people who have been telling you there is have been saying the same thing over and over again since before your parents were born, and if even one of them were right, the world would’ve ended at least once by the time you were even born.

If you want something to have nightmares about, it should be that your country that people like you built for you is currently subverted by vermin who hate you so much that they’re actively trying to make sure no one that even looks like you exists on this planet in the foreseeable future.

Because that’s what the climate change cult has always been about.