UK: 166-Year-Old Pub Attacked for a Racist Sign Showing Whites Cleaning a Dirty Black Boy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2015


A village put is going to be railroaded into changing its name because it had a sign with a picture of a Black boy being scrubbed in the bath by a White man and woman.

And as everyone knows, there is nothing more racist than Whites trying to clean a dirty Negro child. Or whatever.

The Telegraph:

The Labour in Vain, in Yarnfield, Staffordshire, was considered not to be racist by council equality chiefs who previously asked the traditional pub to take their sign down.

However, a brewery that has taken over the 166-year-old pub is now considering changing the name – over fears that could be considered racist too.

A row has since broken out with residents who believe the historic country pub should keep the title it was first given in the mid-19th century.

Pub regular Jimmy Cawdell, 56, said: “If it goes ahead, which we’re sure it will, it will be political correctness gone mad.

“We are too upset about offending people these days, even if it means sacrificing our pub heritage. Everybody is outraged. There is not one person who uses this pub that thinks the name or the sign is racist.

“It should stay as it is because the pub is an integral part of the village’s history.”

Local John Rogers, 80, said he fears the pub and village will lose its identity and its heritage if the name is changed.

He added: “It has been called the Labour In Vain for more than 100 years. They only want to change the name to attract interest and deceive people into thinking it’s a new pub.

“I hope the people in the village boycott a new name, I really do.”

The thing about racism is… everything that White people do is racism.

Here’s the new PC sign.


The problem is, it is not vain labor to plow a field.  Trying to clean the Black off a Negro child is complete folly.

Maybe with this new sign about plowing fields, they should call it “Labor in Progress”?

Or are those seagulls eating the seeds he’s sowing?  Do you plow and sow at the same time?  I didn’t think you did that.