UK: 150,000 People are Expected to Die Because of the Lockdown, Not the Virus

“What happened, you ask? Fear of the flu happened.”

Experts and politicians are recognizing that the lockdown and destruction of the economy are expected to kill more people than the flu.

The cure is now officially worse than the disease.

Daily Mail:

Up to 150,000 Britons could die from non-coronavirus causes because of the UK’s draconian lockdown, it is feared.

A tentative estimate circulating in Whitehall suggests a six-figure death toll from a long-term lockdown, caused by a spike in suicides and domestic violence.

That’s more than the expected death toll from the virus itself!

And it’s a pretty conservative estimation, considering that the economy of every country that went along with a lockdown will also be destroyed and it will be hard for these destroyed countries to help each other.

Official figures show around 9,000 Britons have already died after testing positive for COVID-19.

The pandemic is expected to have a huge knock-on effect on people’s mental health due to financial worries and a disruption to routine.

Evidence of this is starting to emerge in small studies, while the police have started to see ‘early indications’ of a rise in suicide attempts.

Meanwhile, charities have revealed a spike in calls from domestic abuse victims who are forced to stay indoors with their abusers.

Pressure is mounting on the Government to outline exactly how the lockdown will be lifted in order to give hope to the millions struggling.

The ‘social damage’ caused by pausing normal life is beginning to be weighed up by experts in comparison to the coronavirus itself.

Fraser Nelson, editor of The Spectator and political columnist for The Telegraph, spoke of the stark 150,000 figure today. He did not reveal his source.

He said: ‘Work is being done to add it all up and produce a figure for “avoidable deaths” that could, in the long-term, be caused by lockdown.

I’m told the early attempts have produced a figure of 150,000, far greater than those expected to die of Covid.

This is, of course, a model… But estimates of lockdown victims are being shared among those in government who worry about the social damage now underway: the domestic violence, the depression, even suicides accompanying the mass bankruptcies.’

While the immediate impact of the COVID-19 outbreak will be devastating, Britain is expected to face ‘persistent negative health effects’ the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has previously warned.

In a briefing published yesterday, the think-tank said: ‘A debate has started on whether the adverse health effects of a recession may be greater than the increased morbidity and mortality within the pandemic itself.’

Britain could suffer more than 60,000 coronavirus deaths by August, modelling by researchers at the University of Washington show, the worst-hit nation in Europe.

But the IFS predicts hundreds of thousands of people could develop chronic physical and mental health conditions in the long term, mostly as a result of financial strain.

The 2008 recession was estimated to cause an additional 900,000 chronic health conditions, both physical and mental, IFS notes.

But the economic fall-out of the coronavirus epidemic is expected to be far worse – the most severe since the Great Depression of the 1930s, the head of the International Monetary Fund said today.

The scale of the problem won’t become apparent for many months or even years down the line.

Robert Dingwall, a professor of social sciences at Nottingham Trent University told MailOnline: ‘Within the next few weeks, we should expect to see increasing deterioration in mental health among the people experiencing the most extreme self-isolation, which is why I have cautioned against treating this like self-imprisonment.

‘Many of these people are quite isolated already and vulnerable on that front.

It is really important that we do not become so fixated on preventing Covid-19 deaths that we overlook these other deaths.

‘We may need to take some risks with releasing the lockdown to reflect the balance of prevention between these different causes of death.’

It follows warnings from the leading charity SANE that the coronavirus pandemic could trigger a ‘mental health crisis’.

Calls to the charity’s helpline have risen dramatically since the outbreak began, with 80 per cent of people phoning SANEline over the past two week citing worries over COVID-19.

‘Loneliness can be a killer,’ Marjorie Wallace, SANE CEO told ITV News.

We’re all concentrating on the physical sides of coronavirus, but actually we’re facing a mental health epidemic.’

It’s a pretty grim picture, and it gets darker when you consider that coronavirus is literally just the flu and that all of this paranoia and lockdown hysteria never had any reason to exist.

Entire countries have been ruined and the lives of millions of people have been destroyed and no one can provide any good reason why.

These “experts” and politicians only keep talking about coronavirus as if it were a threat because they’re trying to figure out how to stop people from going full French Revolution on them once they realize that there was never any reason to be afraid.

There was never any reason for any of this.