UK: 150,000 Criminals Have Their Records Erased When Someone Deletes Database

This doesn’t signal high competence.

But maybe it was an act of anti-racism?

The Guardian:

Fingerprint, DNA and arrest history records were deleted, which could allow offenders to go free because evidence from crime scenes will not be flagged on the Police National Computer (PNC).

The Home Office said it was working with police to assess the impact of the error, which reportedly occurred by accident during a weekly “weeding” session to expunge data. It said no records of criminals or dangerous persons had been deleted, and that the wiped records were those of people arrested and released when no further action was taken.

But the Times said “crucial intelligence about suspects” had vanished because of the blunder, and that Britain’s visa system had been thrown into disarray, with the processing of applications suspended for two days.

The Home Office released a statement from the policing minister, Kit Malthouse, but the shadow home secretary, Nick Thomas-Symonds, said this was not good enough and called on Patel to provide an urgent statement.

Thomas-Symonds said: “It’s not good enough for the home secretary to hide behind her junior minister on this when there has been such a major security breach on her watch.

“It’s now vital that she makes an urgent statement outlining the true scale of the issue, when ministers were informed and what the plan is to provide public reassurance. Yet again, Conservative incompetence is putting people’s safety at risk.”

He added: “This is an extraordinarily serious security breach that presents huge dangers for public safety. The incompetence of this shambolic government cannot be allowed to put people at risk, let criminals go free and deny victims justice.”

The government has insisted that despite losing access to a key European database after Brexit, Britain has adequate criminal information. About 40,000 alerts relating to European criminals were deleted from the PNC after Britain’s deal with the EU.

This is kinda like in Fight Club, where if you just blow up one building, everyone’s records are erased forever.

But yeah, I’d say this probably relates to the whole thing with the Pakistanis grabbing little girls outside the elementary schools, and the government just not really wanting to deal with that.

It’s kind of impossible to believe it was an accident.

Patel is Hindu instead of Paki, but the whole thing is that like, when people see this stuff about the little girls being grabbed and drugged and passed around by these men, they just want all brown people to leave immediately. It’s not something the government wants to have to deal with, which is why police were ordered to cover it up for so many decades.