UK: 15-Year-Old Tribal Warrior Given 18 Months for Attempting to Behead Rival with Machete

The gang of “youths.”

In the United Kingdom, gangs of teenage desert people fight with machetes in cinemas.

Daily Mail:

A 15-year-old boy who swung a machete at a rival’s head during a mass brawl involving up to 100 youths outside a cinema complex has been sent to a young offenders institute.

Violence broke out outside the Star City complex in Nechells, Birmingham on November 23 last year, during ‘signficant public disorder in some cities across the UK,’ following the release of gang film Blue Story, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

The complex was closed and Vue Cinemas, which screened films at the site, decided to pull the film following 25 incidents at 16 cinemas last year.

The youth, who was 14 at the time of the brawl, pleaded guilty to attempted wounding and possession of a bladed article at a previous hearing.

Sentencing the boy on Tuesday, Judge Avik Mukherjee said: ‘The weekend of November 23 last year was significant in terms of public disorder in some cities in the UK.

Of course, even the judge is a foreigner. This proves that these migrants do end up eventually enriching the culture despite most of them being violent criminals. Keep in mind that white British people are unable to become judges, for some reason, so we absolutely need these foreigners to do the jobs that the British people cannot do.

We also need these foreigners to form gangs and have knife fights at shopping centers in order to give the police something to do. In an all white society, the cops would be out of a job.

Daily Mail:

Two rival gangs became involved in a vicious knife fight at a busy shopping centre after a row broke out in a Nike store.

On Tuesday, the five men were jailed for a total of ten years at Birmingham Crown Court, after the brawl on September 6 last year.

Shocking CCTV footage shows violence erupting between the two gangs, who bumped into each other by chance at the Nike shop in Birmingham’s Resorts World shopping centre.

In the footage, the three men appear to back off as Faal and Lidiu confront them in the doorway.

Lynvest appears to show the rival group that he has a knife hidden underneath his clothes.

Faal is punched and falls to the floor unconscious before Hamilton and Lebert jump on him.

Lidiu then lashes out with a knife at Hamilton, leaving him with a 30cm slash wound to his arm which cut down to the bone.

It’s just like a movie, except it’s real life.

If it weren’t for people of color, the lives of British people would be quite boring.

When they bring us their excitement, this is what is known as “cultural enrichment,” and without it, Europe will not survive.

This man is morally and intellectually superior to all white men.