UK: 12-Year-Old Girl Sues School for Requiring Students to Wear Coronavirus Masks

This is a stock photo because the 12-year-old suing her school remains anonymous for now, but it illustrates how insane it is to see a kid wearing a mask.

This is so, so much better for society and so, so much braver than anything Greta Thunberg ever did.

Daily Mail:

A schoolgirl is suing a school for ‘requiring’ pupils to wear face masks which she says ‘risks causing children serious harm’ to their physical and mental health.

The pupil is suing the Tapton Academy School Trust, which runs a number of primary and secondary schools in the Sheffield area, to stop it from ‘requiring or encouraging’ children to wear masks at school to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The 12-year-old, known only as AB, who is exempt from wearing a mask at school, says mask-wearing could lead to ‘long-term’ harm.

But the trust argues that it only encourages the wearing of masks, in line with Government guidance, in order to protect children, staff and visitors.

The trust also says that 120 members of staff across its various schools, representing more than 10 per cent of its total staff, have contracted coronavirus since the end of August last year.

At a remote hearing today, AB’s lawyers asked the High Court to grant an interim injunction preventing her school and the trust from making children wear masks.

Francis Hoar, representing AB, told the court: ‘The school’s policy risks causing children serious harm to their physical health and their mental health.’

Mr Hoar added: ‘If the trust had done its job properly … it would have gathered evidence and reached a view as to the effectiveness of this particular measure, but it has done no such thing.

There is no evidence, effectively, of the efficacy of these instruments that are supposedly necessary to avoid the risk of transmission of the virus.’

He argued in written submissions: ‘The available evidence shows that not only is there no additional risk of transmission of the virus in school settings but also that, by comparison to any ordinary social or work setting, the risk is likely to be lower given the extremely low prevalence of the virus in schools.’

Mr Hoar accepted that AB did not have to wear a mask at school, but added: ‘The child is still faced with a school environment where a child, save those who are disabled should, must rather, wear masks, and that is enforced, the child says, aggressively.’

The case is being fought by at Laworfiction and other leading lawyers involved in legal challenges to the government’s response to Covid-19.

They said in a statement: ‘We are opposed not only to the enforced wearing of masks by children but all measures harming our children, the nation, the NHS and the economy which are irrational or not justified by evidence.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Judge Roger ter Haar QC said he would give his judgment at a later date.

The government and media admit that kids can’t be harmed by this supposed virus.

I don’t believe there is a virus. Or rather, I believe that the virus is the same flu we’ve always known. But even if there is a new virus, everyone promoting the virus agrees that kids can’t get it.

What they say is that even though kids can’t get it, they can somehow spread it. This reasoning violates their own explanations of how viruses work.

What happens – according to their own theories of viruses – is this: kids have strong immune systems, so if a virus enters their body, it is more or less immediately killed.

Based on their own explanations of the way viruses work, there is no possible way that a person can be carrying a virus in a significant amount (“viral load”) to spread it to someone else and not have any symptoms.

“Asymptomatic spreaders” is literally a violation of their own most basic explanations of the way viruses work. They just throw that out there, without ever explaining how it fits into their germ theories.

This is what Lord Fauci said when he condemned Joe Rogan: he said that young people who refuse the vaxx are evil because they will get the virus and spread it to people in their 80s and 90s who will die from it. Obviously, young people who get it, if they have symptoms, could just be told to stay home until they don’t have symptoms anymore – problem solved!

But the problem isn’t solved because of the “asymptomatic carrier” thing.

That is the lynchpin of all of this, and they’ve presented no proof of it. In fact, they haven’t really even presented a clear theory for a mechanism of how someone with no symptoms can spread a virus.

This is all just absolute BULLSHIT.

It is a social engineering program designed to create a new globalist society with no freedom and no middle class.

All you have to do to understand how insane this all is is try to solve the riddle of the asymptomatic spreader.

Question: What are these masks going to do to children in the long term?

What is the effect of restricting oxygen to developing brains?

Answer: No one knows and no one cares.

The only thing that anyone cares about is preventing people in their 80s from dying from the flu.

We have to sacrifice the young so that people who are 82 (average age of death of the alleged coronavirus) have a chance to make it to 83.

If you want more information on this, please talk to the Israeli Jew Democrat operative Zeke Emanuel, who believes that the entire purpose of our society should be to make sure 82 year olds make it to 83. It is worth risking brain damage on children, it is worth experimenting on the whole world with a gene-altering fake vaccine.

By pure coincidence, this guy also promotes ending end of life care, and thinks people should die at 75.