UK: 12-Year-Old Boy Going on Puberty Blockers, Demands Womb Transplant

Daily Stormer
December 18, 2019

Pause at 1:14 and look carefully

To those of you saying that children getting chemically and surgically mutilated in an irreversible manner that will cause sterility and life-long suffering is a bad thing, I can only tell you this – imagine how much worse it would’ve been if they were speaking German.

The Telegraph:

A 12-year-old transgender girl has started puberty blocking treatment, as her mother says she “knew from the age of three” that she wanted to be female.

Ash Lammin, who was born a boy, is embarking on a lengthy journey to transition to female at an NHS-run clinic and is one of the youngest in the country to do so.

She has researched the process in depth and says that she eventually wants a womb transplant so that she can be a mother when she‘s older.

Her mother, Terri Lammin, 43, said that Ash “insisted she was a girl from the moment she could speak”.

There are many, many horrible things to point out here, but let me just point out the least obvious one – this newspaper that I’m quoting here, who’s calling this abused boy “she” and “her,” is a nominally “conservative” one.

These people aren’t even opposing little boys cutting their dicks off, and they call themselves “conservatives.”

They have conserved literally nothing, ever, and still call themselves “conservatives.”

And this paper isn’t even owned by Jews…

Remember that there are only two types of people left in the world – neo-Nazis and trannies.

You’re either one or the other.

“When she was three she said to me, ‘I’m a boy because you gave me a boy’s name – it’s your fault,” Ms Lammin, from Ramsgate, Kent, said. “I remember feeling horrible, because she blamed me.

“I’d never come across it before and I just went along with it. I just thought, ‘if he’s happy, well that’s the main thing’.”

You are horrible, you sick filthy whore.

Just not for the reasons you think you are.

Puberty blockers can be prescribed to any child suffering from gender dysphoria from age 10 by the NHS’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS).

GIDS has so far treated over a thousand children with puberty blockers, with about 230 of these children under the age of 14.

Before 2011, GIDS would only give puberty blockers to children once they had turned 16. But the rules were relaxed after reports emerged of British children going overseas to buy the drugs.

You are paying out of your own pocket so Jews and attention whores can mutilate little boys.

And you goyim better learn to be happy about it while it’s still legal not to be.

Commenting on her experience, Ash said: “The journey is long and it’s still going, but I feel like the sense of victory is there through it all.”

Yeah, sorry kid, the only victory you’ll ever have in your life from this point is when you end it.

You were dealt a shitty hand, and death is pretty much the only good thing that could ever happen to you.

Most kids are very dumb, and they also crave attention, so you probably don’t think putting on a dress to get it is a big deal, but once you start with the drugs and the surgery, everything is gonna be worse and worse until someone, most likely you yourself, puts you out of your misery.

There has never, in the history of the planet, been a situation where cutting your dick off was a good idea.