Ugly WHO Woman Says Lockdowns are Collective Punishment

An ugly woman from the World Health Organization is currently out there telling the world that the lockdowns are a form of punishment for the population, given that they didn’t do a good enough job with “self-isolation.”

Even if you believe that “self-isolation” was necessary, and believe that not enough people did it, what this horrible ugly woman is blatantly promoting is the concept of collective punishment, which is generally considered totally unethical.

“You all have to suffer serious emotional and psychological damage, be stripped of your freedom, have your lives destroyed, have your economy collapsed even worse, have your children’s minds warped, because some of you got the virus and didn’t stay home.”

Is this actually the message that WHO wants to send?

The Guardian:

Lockdowns affecting entire populations is a price countries pay for failing to ensure people with coronavirus and their contacts self-isolate, according to an expert from the World Health Organization.

The WHO does not recommend that countries enter lockdowns. It has consistently said that the key to controlling epidemics, whether Covid-19, Sars or flu, is to test people, trace their contacts and ensure all those who are positive or who have been close to those infected are quarantined.

While countries like the UK have been massively increasing the numbers of tests carried out, contact tracing has fallen short, and studies have shown that as few as 20% of people in England fully comply with self-isolation.

“For me, the big missing link in what’s going on in many European countries is management of isolation,” said Dr Margaret Harris of the WHO. “That’s not just isolation of people who are sick – it’s isolation of people who have contacts and are first-degree contacts.

“They don’t think they have Covid, because they feel fine, and even if they are told they should stay home, they don’t feel a strong social obligation or they do not necessarily have that reinforced as happens in some countries.

“So for instance, in a place like Hong Kong, you would be called every day, or the police come to your house,” she said.

Across Asia, there is a mixture of economies that have managed the virus well – not just those that may be non-liberal, non-democratic command economies, she added. “Taiwan, for instance, probably has the best management. They are definitely a highly liberal society.”

A lockdown which effectively isolates everyone does work, Harris said, “but it also causes massive dislocation, massive disruption. And unless you’ve worked out how you can possibly put that pause button on and maintain your economic and social lives, the price you pay is very, very high.”

The WHO doesn’t say don’t do it, she said. “We just say, if you’re doing it, you’re paying a very high price, so therefore get some return for what you pay.”

That means getting test and trace to work efficiently “and you could think very hard about how to make self-isolation doable” she said.

“You’ve got to do it at grassroots level, because it’s very different, say, in London from somewhere rural, it’s different in housing estates, you may have people living on the streets, you may have people living in institutions. So, you have to really know your society, and know how you’re going to make it possible for them to self-isolate.

These people are all so disgusting. Look at her attempting to evade responsibility for pushing these lockdowns. Of course WHO recommends lockdowns. They invented the concept. No one ever thought of this before.

The smugness of these people could just suffocate you.

Our countries are being completely torn apart by this lunacy, and yet, as Scott Atlas said in his RT interview, it doesn’t affect the upper middle class very much at all. They all get to keep their jobs, and just maybe work from home. They have savings that can cover the extra costs of living in a virus society.

They just don’t care about the lower-middle and working classes. Because they all have this kind of old Calvinist mindset that if you don’t have a lot of money, you’re being punished by God.

It’s the same thing that you see everywhere. You see it big time with the whole “racism” hoax and the forced mass immigration – these people believe that the lower classes are evil, and they want to punish them by burying them with brown people. Then you drive through these upper-middle class neighborhoods, where they don’t have a single nonwhite, and everyone has a “refugees welcome” sign in their front yard.

The upper classes also hate Donald Trump largely because he is loved by the masses of working people, and so saying that they like him would indicate lower status in society. (Various neo-Nazi freaks who have taken an anti-Trump stance also appear to want to distance themselves from normal, working people.)

It’s all part of the same phenomenon: the elite have created a new moral order that is opposed to the wellbeing of the lower classes. Every good liberal supports the coronavirus lockdown, they support forced mass immigration, and they grandstand about how good and moral they are for supporting these things. Meanwhile, all of the negative effects go to the working and lower-middle classes.

All of the people who took part in forcing this lockdown on the nations should be punished for it. They should be rounded up and charged with “conspiracy to destroy the world.’