UBI Agenda: Monthly Payments of Up to $300 Per Child, No Strings Attached

The AP only shows brown kids in its article about monthly payments of up to $300 per child. It’s accurate. 

This “free money from the government” agenda is part of a play to justify destroying everyone’s independent livelihood with this stupid virus hoax.

Of course, they start out with credits for children, and who has children? Not white people.

Do you think $300 is enough to convince a white bitch to give up her life of getting railed by blacks and have kids? If so, they will be black kids.


The check won’t arrive until mid-July, but Katrina Peters already knows what she’ll do with her Child Tax Credit payments. The 20-year-old mother of three has applied to work as a driver with a food delivery app, and the extra cash is earmarked for repairing, registering and insuring her car.

“I just need to make sure it’s 100% and then I can start working and get an income,” Peters said, cradling her 3-week-old son, Armani. “That’s where it starts.”

The payments are a key part of Democrats’ COVID-19 aid bill passed in March, but for policymakers they are more than just an attempt to help families recover from the pandemic. The monthly checks of up to $300 per child for millions of families are part of an ambitious attempt to shrink child poverty and rethink the American social safety net in the process.

With an emphasis on direct, no-strings cash support, the payments are a deliberate departure from a system that for decades has tried to control how Americans spend their government assistance by funneling it to food, housing or child care. Peters is as free to use the cash on her car as she is to spend it on diapers.

Oh – there will be strings.

Strings are coming.

This is going to be a way to control everyone. If you take away their jobs and put them on welfare, you then own them, really in the same way you own slaves.

“There’s something huge happening with the idea that the lowest-income people need cash assistance the most,” said Teague Gonzalez, public benefits director with the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty. “The pandemic opened up a connection to the idea of giving people cash and letting them decide how to use it.”

The expanded CTC payments, which are due to begin going out July 15, are only meant to last a year, but architects and proponents aren’t trying to hide the fact that they want to make this permanent. The coronavirus pandemic, they say, laid bare the inadequacies of America’s support system and provided the political momentum to make lasting changes.

Columbia University’s Center on Poverty and Social Policy estimates the cash infusions could lift 45% of children living in poverty above the poverty line — cutting Black child poverty by 52%, Hispanic child poverty by 45% and Native American child poverty by 62%.

It’s just nonsense.

These people are in poverty in the first place because they’re stupid. If you give them cash, they will blow it on lottery tickets and drugs.

Drug dealers then buy Nikes.

All the money gets funneled straight back into the corporate/billionaire/banker system.

Everything that the government does is part of the agenda.

The UBI system is so obviously designed to control people. Imagine being dependent on the government for food.

This is all eventually going to be issued through digital credits. They will be able to restrict them if you don’t get vaxxed or if you post something mean on the internet.

Furthermore, it’s disgusting for men to not work. Men should be demanding a right to work, not begging for freebies like a bunch of women.