Uber Moving Forward With Flying Taxi Plans

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2018

Yes! I need this in my life.

We were promised so much. Moonbases, wars against aliens, laser pistols, robot sex slaves…

And yes, flying cars.

But all we ever got was this worthless niggertech.

Half of the news on tech sites is about blutooth speakers. Sigh.

I definitely blame the Jews for this. Under their malicious influence, our resources got diverted away from cool stuff White people love, like space exploration, towards things geared to benefit Blacks people – like graphical user interfaces for computers and phones.

Well, as the Jews start losing influence, we see history shifting back on the right track.

The Verge:

On Thursday, Uber announced its shortlist of countries that are being considered as future markets for its soon-to-be-launched “flying taxi” service. Uber Air, as the service is known, aims to launch demonstration flights in several cities in 2020 and a paid flying taxi operation by 2023. The company also said it plans to expand its experimentation with delivery drones for its Uber Eats service.

Not as sci-fi as I’d like, but it’ll do for a first draft.

Last year, Uber named Dallas and Los Angeles as its first two launch cities. Today, the company said five countries are being considered for a third spot: Japan, France, Brazil, Australia, and India. (Dubai was originally selected as Uber’s first international city, but that deal ultimately fell through.) After settling on a final city, Uber says it will launch its flying taxi service there within the next five years.

The arrival of flying taxis marks the type of sci-fi future we’re heading towards. Flying taxis are a salient feature of one genre of science fiction in particular: cyberpunk.

Unfortunately, the realization of the flying taxi meme before the moon base meme means we’ve missed the opportunity for the Aryan space empire – at least for the next century.


The news comes as Uber looks beyond its origins as a fancy car service and into new modes of transportation, including bikes, scooters, and, yes, even “flying cars.” Uber’s plan to fill the skies above cities with swarms of electric-powered air taxis is only two years old, but the company has already convened two well-attended summits and landed dozens of partners in aircraft manufacturing, battery technology, real estate, and government regulation.

I’m much more concerned with what kind of weapons these Uber taxis are going to pack.

Heads up to Uber: I ain’t getting in a flying car piloted by a Paki. I doubt anyone else will, either.

But yeah, these electric planes will need high performance batteries, which should trickled down into all our other electronics and vehicles. If we can get high-density batteries that don’t explode, that should be a boon to the electric car industry.

And while electric cars aren’t any more “eco-friendly” than gasoline-powered ones, they are more quiet and safer. So I can listen to Fash the Nation without Halberstram’s velvety voice being drowned out by engine noise.

For that reason alone, electric cars (and planes) are fash as fuck.

Now, I just need a flying taxi modeled after the Millennium Falcon and I’ll be set.

If this is the future, count me in.