UAE Tells Unvaxed Citizens They’re Not Allowed to Leave the Country

Aren’t Moslems supposed to be strongly religious?

Why are they so supportive of these abortion shots?


Unvaccinated UAE citizens will be banned from traveling abroad starting January 10, according to local media, citing the country’s crisis management agencies. Only the fully-vaxxed and boosted will be permitted to leave.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation announced the decision in partnership with the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority on Saturday.

Exemptions can be made for those unable to take the shot for medical reasons, as well as “humanitarian cases” and travelers seeking medical treatment abroad, the agencies said.

The nation is far from the first to restrict travel based on vaccination status, though most countries that have done so have framed their regulations in terms of barring the unvaccinated from entering their countries, rather than prohibiting them from leaving.

This is going to be devastating to the Ukrainian economy, where citizens from the UAE regularly travel to shit on white hookers.

Joe Biden must be doing the sweating two button meme right now – “denounce the UAE for harming Ukrainian democracy by preventing the maximum number of Arabs to enter the country to shit on hookers” or “brutally punish the unvaccinated in any conceivable way.”

The two top concerns of Joe Biden are the Ukraine and vaccines.

Anyway, not a big deal – this coronavirus thing is supposed to be cleared up in two weeks anyway.