UAE Says They’re Doing Away with Virtually All Islamic Law

At first I was like
But then I was just like

Remember that I told you this: the program is to get every country on-board with the New World Order system. All people in every country have to follow the same system.

You might not like Moslems – I most certainly do not like Moslems – but you would have to admit that they live life differently than the rest of the world.

That cannot be allowed in this New World Order – everyone has to be on the same page.

This is all happening very, very quickly.


The United Arab Emirates announced on Saturday a major overhaul of the country’s Islamic personal laws, allowing unmarried couples to cohabitate, loosening alcohol restrictions and criminalizing so-called “honor killings.”

The broadening of personal freedoms reflects the changing profile of a country that has sought to bill itself as a Westernized destination for tourists, fortune-seekers and businesses despite its Islamic legal code that has previously triggered court cases against foreigners and outrage in their home countries.

The reforms aim to boost the country’s economic and social standing and “consolidate the UAE’s principles of tolerance,” state-run WAM news agency reported.

The announcement follows a historic U.S.-brokered deal to normalize relations between the UAE and Israel, which is expected to bring an influx of Israeli tourists and investment.

The changes also reflect the efforts of the Emirates’ rulers to keep pace with a rapidly changing society at home.

“I could not be happier for these new laws that are progressive and proactive,” said Emirati filmmaker Abdallah Al Kaabi, whose art has tackled taboo topics like homosexual love and gender identity.

(Note: “Homosexual love” means a man ramming his penis into another man’s anus and masturbating into it while tearing his anal tissue. The “lover” then either ejaculates into the other man’s poop, or he turns the man around and ejaculates into his mouth, with the man licking his own poop off of the penis. It is a very strange thing to describe as “love.”)

“2020 has been a tough and transformative year for the UAE,” he added.

Changes include scrapping penalties for alcohol consumption, sales and possession for those 21 and over. The government decrees behind the changes were announced on WAM and detailed in state-linked newspaper The National, which said they would take immediate effect.

Although liquor and beer is widely available in bars and clubs in the UAE’s luxuriant coastal cities, individuals previously needed a government-issued license to purchase, transport or have alcohol in their homes. The new rule would apparently allow Muslims who have been barred from obtaining licenses to drink alcoholic beverages freely.

Another amendment allows for “cohabitation of unmarried couples,” which has long been a crime in the UAE. Authorities, especially in the more freewheeling financial hub of Dubai, often looked the other way when it came to foreigners, but the threat of punishment still lingered. Attempted suicide, forbidden in Islamic law, would also be decriminalized, The National reported.

This is absolute devolution.

They say this is “freedom” – but what about the freedom to not be swamped with sluts?

Anyway – that’s besides the point. What Arabs do in their own disgusting countries is their own disgusting business.

But what I’m telling you is: this isn’t Arab business. This is Jewish globalist business. The Arabs are being bribed or blackmailed into getting on-board with this same exact system as the West as we prepare to enter into this New World Order, where everyone is subjected to a tyranny of Judaism.

I hate to say it, but I’m reminded of Phil Ochs.