UAE Leader’s Wife had Affair with British Bodyguard, Destroying Both Their Marriages

You should always be aware that all women are whores – even if they’re Islamic.

Actually, probably especially if they’re Islamic. These women have unchained levels of testosterone. That’s the reason they get wrapped up in those trash bags.

New York Post:

The ruler of Dubai’s princess wife allegedly had a two-year affair with her married British bodyguard — and paid at least $6.4 million to try to keep it quiet, according to a report.

Princess Haya’s cheating was exposed in a child-custody fact-finding ruling in London’s High Court that said she “embarked upon an adulterous relationship with one of her male bodyguards,” according to the Daily Mail.

The court ruling didn’t initially identify the bodyguard, but the Daily Mail reports that the 46-year-old princess allegedly seduced Russell Flowers, 37, with a slew of luxury gifts including a $16,000 watch and a $66,000 vintage shotgun.

They’re talking about the gifts, and I’m sure there were gifts, but I can also guarantee you that she threatened to accuse him of rape if he didn’t have sex with her. They always do that.

She also allegedly paid him $1.6 million to keep it from her then-husband, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, sources told the outlet.

Haya — the daughter of the late King of Jordan — also paid the same amount to buy silence from three of Flowers’ fellow Dubai royal family bodyguards who knew about the alleged affair that started in 2016, the Mail reported, without naming sources.

“It was an open secret among the team that he was involved with her,” sources at the Sheikh’s 3,000-acre estate of Dalham Hall in Suffolk reportedly told the UK outlet.

Yeah, I’m sure the Sheikh himself knew about it, and didn’t care. All of these married women in these rich Arab countries have bodyguards or personal trainers, usually white guys, that they use as sex toys and their husbands don’t care (especially after they’re too old to get pregnant, the husbands don’t even think about it).

Here’s the situation: the wives of rich Arabs are all the daughters of other rich Arabs, and their fathers are involved in the marriages, and the woman can call her father and say, “I’m just having fun with this other guy because my husband is never around” and the father will understand that and tell the husband to lay off.

Sex in Arab culture is just as degenerate as in the West, frankly.

What the husband cared about was the bitch going nuts and making a big public scene, which of course she couldn’t avoid doing.

The cheating was soon exposed, however, destroying the bodyguard’s four-year marriage — and forcing the terrified princess to flee Dubai with her two children after being confronted by her husband in 2018, the report said.

During the Sheikh’s attempts to get custody of their 11-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son, the UK court ruled that he inflicted a “campaign of intimidation” against Haya and taunted her over the affair, the Mail said.

It included divorcing her without telling her, having guns left in her bedroom and trying to have her abducted by helicopter, the report said.

“Haya should be ashamed of the way she went after a married man. There is no excuse,” a family friend of Flowers and his now-ex-wife told the Daily Mail.

“Russell should be ashamed of the way he treated his wife. His behavior was disgusting,” the friend said of the former soldier.

“The divorce left her shattered and it has taken a long time for her to get over the betrayal,” the friend added of his now-ex-wife, who was not identified.

Well, he was obviously between a rock and a hard place.

But as a young and presumably fit white man, he should have known what working as a bodyguard for a rich Arab woman would entail – again, everyone knows this. It’s a cultural tradition. It’s actually bizarre that the media isn’t bothering to say, “this is considered culturally appropriate among wealthy Arabs, as long as the woman does not let the affair become public.”

Flowers and his ex-wife both refused to talk to the Mail. The three other guards alleged to have been paid $1.6 million hush-money were barred from discussing the affair or their work with the Dubai royal family, the outlet said, while not identifying them.

The princess married Sheikh Mohammed in 2004, becoming his sixth and “junior wife” until their divorce last year. She now lives in a $113 million home in one of London’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Kensington, with their two children, the Mail said.

Yeah, well – everything seems to have worked out pretty well for her.

She destroyed the lives of many people, but she just keeps on rolling. I’m sure she now has a new group of young white bodyguards to have sex with at her $113 million home.

They will just keep getting away with it.