U2 Releases Alt-Right Music Video Endorsing a KKK Takeover of America to Crush the Jews!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2018

The White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi band “U2” has released a music video in support of Donald Trump and a KKK takeover of America to rid the world of Jews and brown sludge.

The stop-motion masterpiece, compiled for the new song “Get Out of Your Own Way” (that is to say, “go back to your shithole”), features an entire series of Alt-Right and Neo-Nazi tropes.

At the outset, we see a pale white man kissing a female PEPE MEME – this is a symbol for the WHITE RACE’s romance with the hostile and genocidal neo-Nazi movement.

Then we are shown a rainbow (the sign of faggots) with hooded KLANSMEN marching to stop the faggot menace.

The heroic KLANSMEN then march past the White House, where they are greeted by Donald Trump.

This is a way of communicating that Trump has ushered in a new era of WHITE SUPREMACY.

Of course, we all know that the Klan is not necessarily representative of the white movement – U2 is simply using them as a general symbol to represent the rise of genocidalism in America.

A Klansman takes a train home.

And then goes walks in to greet his wife and baby.

This is designed to represent the fact that hardcore WHITE SUPREMACISTS who are HELLBENT ON GLOBAL GENOCIDE are in fact just normal people who live normal lives.

We then see various products on a table – consumer products, representing the soul-crushing consumerist system of the Jews – with an image of the Statue of Liberty on a cereal box. Her image then crumbles – a symbol of the collapse of freedom and liberty under the Jew multicultural system.

We then see a running rat, which represents – you guessed it, buddy – the rat kikes.

The kike is running to create a “we are the world” nightmare scenario on earth.

We then see the famed “Beach Boy” washed-up on his beach with the words “get out of your own way,” i.e. “get the hell off of my beach you disgusting dead little monkey boy.”

Pretty hardcore. I don’t even go that far.

The video ends with Donald Trump’s GLORIOUS WALL.

It’s a truly incredible production.

However, the song is terrible and U2 is a terrible band, and I genuinely fear that they are trying to put this out so that they can become the leaders of the Nazi movement.

We don’t need Bono leading the Nazi movement, regardless of how hellbent on extermination of the “inferior races” he may be.

He’s just too much of a fag.