Typical “Minnesota Man” Convicted of Raping Two 4-Year-Olds, Giving Them STDs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2020

Boy, those Minnesotans really are a nasty bunch of people.

Imagine doing a double toddler rape?

Only in Minnesota, folks.

Fox News:

A Minnesota man was convicted Tuesday of raping his then girlfriend’s four-year-old twin daughters and giving them a sexually transmitted disease, according to a report.

Arturo Macarro Gutierrez, 36, was arrested in October 2018 after one of the girls told her grandmother her “daddy” hurt her, the Pioneer Press reported. The girl was taken to the hospital where she tested positive for gonorrhea.

Gutierrez was arrested after a SWAT team found him hiding in an attic at a home in St. Paul.

Typical Minnesotan. Thinks he can evade prosecution for baby-rape by hiding in an attic.

He denied raping the four-year-old but was charged after he tested positive for gonorrhea as well. He was subsequently charged with assaulting the girl’s sister when she also tested positive for the disease.

Gutierrez was convicted on four counts of criminal sexual misconduct.

You know what the issue is, right?

Minnesota is filled with Swedish people, and they brought their rape culture over here to America.

Swedish people go crazy with the rape.