Two Proud Boys Arrested, Gavin Says He’s “Arranging Surrender” of Others as Terror Squad Investigates

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 20, 2018

This is not looking good for the Proud Boys.

Not looking good at all.

I said earlier this week that they’re going to try to RICO the group and charge McInnes as a gang leader – and that is the precise direction this is now going in.

The NYT is ratcheting up the buzzword rhetoric after initially having pretend to be professional. They’re using all the NPC triggers that the “low” left media uses.

New York Times:

The founder of the far-right group the Proud Boys said on Friday that he was arranging the surrender of several members whom the police are seeking in connection with a violent brawl outside a Republican club in Manhattan last weekend.

At the same time, a senior official said the police had opened a broad criminal inquiry into the group’s activities.




Gavin McInnes, 48, a polemical far-right speaker who started the Proud Boys in 2016, said several suspects would turn themselves in. By late Friday afternoon, two of the nine men sought by the police had been arrested. A police official said a lawyer representing at least four of the suspects had called the 19th Precinct on Friday to work out the details of their surrender.

Though it was unclear how many might face charges, Mr. McInnes said the rest would soon be in custody. “They are going to be in the Tombs,” he said.

The Proud Boys are a fraternal organization of so-called Western chauvinists that Mr. McInnes has sometimes referred to as a gang. The group has clashed with anarchists and left-wing protesters at political events across the country several times in recent years.

They fought with anti-fascist demonstrators on Oct. 12 shortly after Mr. McInnes gave a speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club, a bastion of establishment conservatism on the Upper East Side.

Though Mr. McInnes describes himself as a champion of Western values, many of his statements have been racist and have echoed white nationalist philosophies. Members of the Proud Boys have also joined forces at marches and rallies with white supremacist organizations.

One member of the group, Geoffrey Young, 38, was taken into custodyThursday night and charged with two misdemeanors: riot and attempted assault. The Manhattan district attorney’s office said in a complaint that Mr. Young punched one victim in the face, kicked a second in the stomach and kicked a third three times in the head.

Earlier, Pawl Bazile, the editor of Proud Boy magazine, described Mr. Young, who lives in New City, N.Y., as a “blue-collar guy” who had been with the club for about two years.

Last year, Mr. Young appeared in a 12-minute video with Paxton Hart, a member of the Metropolitan Republican Club who helped coordinate Mr. McInnes’s speech. The video was made for Proud Boy magazine.

Driving in a caravan toward Islamberg, an Islamic community in upstate New York, Mr. Young discussed his impressions of Muslims on the video. “They are literally a virus,” he said. “They eat and feed off the host nation until it’s dead.

Not saying that line about the cousins of the Arabs – for whom that line is much more often used – didn’t keep them from getting cracked down on.

Did it?

By not talking about the Jews, you do not protect yourself.

The only people you protect are the Jews.

Honestly, I’m feeling a lot of relief that after the crackdown on Alex Jones and now the Proud Boys, it is clear that there is literally no benefit whatsoever to not talking about Jews.

Previously, you effectively got a premium access package to financial resources, public platforms and online platforms if you simply didn’t talk about the Jews. Now, that package is canceled. Anyone who questions the mainstream narrative at all is treated like a Hitler Nazi.

The night Mr. Young was arrested, John Miller, the Police Department’s deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism, said the Proud Boys were “the subject of a regular criminal investigation.”

Mr. Miller noted that, under the law, the police in New York have strict rules that limit their investigations of political groups. But, he added, “Violence is violence.”

There you go, folks.

Counterterrorism taskforce in the house.

Demonstrators protested the club’s decision to invite Mr. McInnes for much of last week, placing threatening phone calls to the club and demanding the event be canceled, the club’s president, Deborah Coughlin, said. Early on the morning of the speech, vandals spray-painted anti-fascist graffiti on the club’s headquarters on East 83rd Street, glued the locks shut with caulk and threw bricks through the windows, the police said.

And of course, their organization isn’t being investigated. Even though they were openly and unambiguously engaged in outright political terrorism.

No, instead, it is the people they attacked who are getting prosecuted and investigated by the terror force for defending themselves after they were chased down in the street.

Because these “antifa” effectively work for the cops. They do things that the state is not allowed to do, shutting down people’s right to speak, attacking them on the streets for expressing a wrong political opinion, then in this case, getting their asses kicked and providing grounds for prosecution.

And the connections are relatively transparent.

The SPLC has been caught apparently hiring antifa. They provide a database for antifa, giving them news and updates and attack targets. It is suspected that they funnel money into them, and may be the center of their organizational structure – no one knows, because neither antifa or the SPLC have had their organizational structure investigated.

And of course, the SPLC serves in an advisory role to the FBI.

You don’t have to have the details to get the general shape of what is going on. There is without question an interconnecting network between Jewish ethnic activist groups such as the SPLC and the ADL (good new detailed Ron Unz article about the latter here), the FBI, the Justice Department and violent street gangs.

If the antifa were anything other than an ally of the feds, the feds would have investigated them by now. Yet no matter what they do, no matter how much property they destroy, no matter how many people they hurt, they will not ever be investigated by this FBI.

Instead, the Proud Boys are investigated for defending themselves against them.

And yes, the feds will get involved in this Proud Boys witch hunt. Governor Cuomo called for it immediately after they were attacked last weekend.

We do Not Live in a Free Country

We are told we live in a free country. But everyone in every country in all of history has been told that. There is no government, ever, that told people: “You are being oppressed by us, the government.”

Most people will never step out of line far enough to see the curtain drawn back on the system of control in which we live, and the media will report on anyone who does see it as being evil criminals who deserve to be shut up and shut down.

I have seen this, personally. You’ve all seen it here, as I’ve written about it. The fact of the matter is that when they tell you you have free speech or freedom of assembly, they are simply lying. You can be sued, you can be denied access to the internet, you can be physically attacked on the streets. And I can tell you this: as someone who has had their rights taken from them, who has had an entire system come down on me, it does not matter if it is the government or extra-governmental organizations working through loopholes allowed by the government when you get shut down.

You are shut down just the same.

The prosecution of the Proud Boys, if it goes any further than it has – and it clearly will – will represent a new form of oppressive crackdown on the rights of the people to dissent.