Two More Men Involved with Netflix “Cheer” Show Arrested for Pederasty Related Crimes

It turns out that many men involved in male cheerleading are also involved in pederasty.

NBC News:

Two more men associated with the Netflix show “Cheer” have been arrested and accused of sexual misconduct involving children.

Navarro College cheer team member Mitchell Ryan, 23, was arrested near Dallas on Wednesday on suspicion of aggravated sexual assault of a child, according to Dallas County Sheriff’s Department records.

He was booked into jail Thursday and released on bond early Friday. The alleged offense dates to July 24, according to the records.

Coach and choreographer Robert Joseph Scianna Jr., 25, was arrested Wednesday based on allegations of indecency with a child and “use of an electronic communication device to solicit sex,” Chesterfield County, Virginia, police said in a statement.

“The investigation indicates that Scianna met a juvenile male through a social media platform and arranged to meet the juvenile for sex,” the department said.

The investigation is ongoing. Scianna is being held without bond, Chesterfield police said.

Attempts to contact a representative for Scianna were unsuccessful. Netflix and three production companies behind “Cheer,” a docuseries that followed a group of student cheerleaders at Navarro College in Texas while they prepared for competition, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

A lawyer for Ryan, Jeremy Rosenthal, said by email, “Mitch and his family were surprised at his arrest. There are two sides to every story, and we are confident Mitch’s name will be cleared.”

This week’s arrests come after one of the show’s stars, Jerry Harris, 21, was arrested in September on a federal allegation of production of child pornography.

Here’s the trailer for the show.

So, either these people were running some kind of a ring – which doesn’t appear to be the case, and they’re not accused of doing – or, it is just a coincidence that three homosexuals from one TV show happen to have been involved sexually with underage boys.

The obvious truth of the matter is that most homosexuals are involved with underage boys, because peak attractiveness for homosexuals is between 12 and 15.

Watch this PSA warning young boys to avoid being entrapped by homosexuals.

Everything in that video is just as true now as it was when that video was made in the early 1960s.

Homosexuality has not changed. It has always been a cult of targeting young boys to join the cult. The young boys then grow up in the cult, and go on to target other young boys.

If the media was telling you the truth, and homosexuals were no different than heterosexuals, then heterosexuals would get caught in these kinds of scandals as often as homosexuals. Furthermore, if the media was telling the truth, women would get caught with underage boys.

The fact is that homosexuals are not normal people; they are a predatory cult.