Two Heroic White Men Tackle a Machete-wielding Maniac Attempting to Rob a Bank

  • Cage fighter Steve Harris jumped on man brandishing a 15-inch blade
  • Bouncer Darren Frost grabbed the man while they scuffled on the floor
  • A pub landlady pinned his hands to the floor and called the police
  • Man, 32, charged with attempted robbery and possession of a knife

Tara Brady
Daily Mail
August 10, 2013

A machete-wielding bank robber chose the wrong time to rob a bank after he was floored by a cage fighter and bouncer who were waiting in the queue.

Steve Harris, 32, pushed his daughter to one side before leaping on the man who was threatening staff and customers with a 15-inch blade.

Bouncer Darren Frost, 42, then joined in and grabbed the man while the pair scuffled on the floor.


Meanwhile a pub landlady, well trained in dealing with brawls, pinned his hands to the floor and called the police.

Rugby player Mr Harris said his training from the sports field and the cage came in handy during the drama at Lloyds bank in Taunton on Monday.

He said: ‘I saw him in the corner of my eye and I could see he had a weapon of some sort – I thought it was an iron bar.

‘When he was around four feet away from me, I pushed my 15-year-old daughter to one side and tackled him.’

The 6ft former bouncer – who is a tree surgeon by trade – added: ‘It happened so quickly, I was making sure he did not hurt anyone including my daughter.

‘I tackled him to the floor and others helped restrain him while I put him in an arm lock until police arrived.’

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