Two Dindus Use Keedz to Commit Robbery Sprees

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2018

Sheeit muffuggah deez lil shits aint gud fo nuffin else, we needs to fin sum use fo em.


A Moreno Valley couple is accused of using two kids in a series of robberies, officials said.

The couple appeared in court for the first time Tuesday.

“It’s crazy,” says Robyn Flores of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, “how many agencies, how many locations are involved.”

Authorities said Darrell Campbell, 32, showed the kids how to steal and Jeammie Preston, 31, was the getaway driver.

The crimes were committed in nine Inland Empire stores, CBS2’s Nicole Comstock reported.

These included two Home Depot stores and a Target in Moreno Valley in April and May and several other major retailers last year.