Two Blacks Who Killed Prominent Memphis CEO Appear in Court

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2019

Quandarius Richardson, left, and McKinney Wright Jr.

The victim wasn’t just a prominent CEO. He was also a prominent cuck who dedicated his life to supporting negro-owned businesses.

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Commercial Appeal:

More than 10 months after the high-profile shooting death of Greater Memphis Chamber executive Phil Trenary, the two young men accused in the crime now each have attorneys, and their cases are slowly making their way through the legal system.

Quandarius Richardson, 19, appeared in court Friday morning, and his new attorney walked up and shook his hand. That attorney, Paul Guibao, is a private lawyer who was appointed by the court to defend Richardson.

“We’re really just getting started on the ground floor,” Guibao said outside the courtroom. During the early stages of the trial, Richardson had been represented by attorney Art Horne. Horne said Friday that after the case moved from General Sessions Court to Criminal Court, Richardson’s family couldn’t afford to continue paying him.

Horne said the case didn’t go to the Shelby County Public Defender’s office because it’s his understanding that the organization was representing a teen girl who was involved in the case, creating a conflict of interest. A representative of the public defender’s office, Kirsten Cheers, said she couldn’t comment.

Richardson’s Friday appearance before Criminal Court Judge Chris Craft lasted less than one minute. His next court appearance was set for Sept. 19.

Co-defendant McKinney Wright Jr., 23, did not appear in court Friday and is also scheduled to return to court on Sept. 19.

Attorney William Massey had said last year that he was representing Wright, though in a court appearance on July 11, Wright had told the judge his family was still in the process of hiring Massey.

On Friday, Massey and attorney Lauren Fuchs said they are now both representing Wright.

Phil Trenary.

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