Two Blacks Driving in the Bicycle Lane Pull a Gun on a Pedestrian After Almost Running Him Over

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2018

One of the suspect nogs.

Blacks cannot be trusted to drive properly or carry firearms.


Police say that as the pedestrian walked across the street, he was nearly struck by a vehicle driving in the bicycle lane. After the pedestrian safely walked to the sidewalk, police say a passenger from the vehicle pointed a gun out of the window towards the victim.

The vehicle was occupied by four individuals and is described as a new model silver Ford Taurus SHO with a sunroof, dark tinted windows, black painted rims, and no license plates. Police say the vehicle also has a long black scratch over the gas tank.

Suspect 1 was armed with a silver and black handgun and is described as a black male in his late twenties to early thirties with a dark skin complexion, a natural haircut, and facial hair.

Suspect 2 is a black male who appeared to be approximately 24-years of age, 5’7-6′, wearing a pale yellow hoodie, blue track pants with vertical stripes down each leg, black Nikes with a white logo and white soles.